08 June 2011

Further to Yesterdays Post...

If you havent read yesterdays post, please go there first to read it.

For those that have - this is what got me started on my little journey. I would suggest you grab a pencil and a piece of paper. Watch the clip - its roughly 8mins. Let me know what speaks to you; its a simply exercise - simplicity works for me so this was right up my alley!

Please be aware that these changes I am talking about are not goals or bucket list ideals. They can more be described as Big Picture changes.

Like this....I am thinking of my life in, say, 7 years time. What do I see? What do I *want* to see?

For me that is the first step. Isolating what I want to see in the years ahead. And then asking myself the questions...what am I doing TODAY to ensure I see those results in the years to come.

Simple hey?

Let me lay out some really basic ideas:

I want to still be married to the same bloke.
So...how much time am I investing in my marriage? Is it my priority? How can I make it better? What does my marriage look like to my kids?

I would like to be debt free.
So...how am I spending money? What am i teaching my kids about money? Am I informed of the lastest investment options? Do I want to work outside the home? Do I budget? How can I build towards this?

I want well-adjusted, socially adept, compassionate and motivated children.
So...how am I assisting my kids to develop these particular traits? What happens daily in our home to give them the best possible outcomes? Do I (we) model and embrace these traits?

I want to be technologically advanced and informed. But not dependent.
So...how do I temper this? What is necessary and what is unnecessary? What is useful and what is trash?

I want emphasis on relationships and quality of life.
So...that means stepping aside from the game of 'oh, I am so busy doing blah blah blah'. I dont want to be busy. I want to be not busy. I want to read, play, create,engage, explore,love and maybe occasionally grocery shop cos we have to eat! :-)

Okay, so these are just some things. They are by no means the only things rattling around my brain. Are you getting me a bit more? I am not looking to necessarily tour Europe or sail the Caribbean...I am looking at nitty grittys.

What are your thoughts?


MacNessa said...

I thought you might have been reading Simple Mom's book - I got it on Kindle - and it also made me rethink a lot of things quite drastically. Isn't it odd how we want certain things, but then behave in a way that doesn't allow us to do that - and what for? Why? Out of habit?

Betty Bake said...

i watched the video and did the exercise - thanks it was very helpful! :)

have a fab day


Julia said...

I could have written this post word for word. Love it.x

cat said...

Ok, I need this. I so need this. But I need more time to do all this. I'll be back,

Joanne said...

I unlike Julia could not have written this post hehe. Great stuff but then your stuff is always great. I do a bit of this type of thinking regularly too but my brain starts to hurt so I prefer to watch TV