17 June 2011

Getting Back to Basics

Some of you will remember my Intentional Living post from last week. It is not unusual to have these *epiphanies* about life and purpose and change occasionally, but to *do* something about it it less

How quickly we can just get overwhelmed by the bigness of it all and let it paralyse us into further apathy or complacency. I do not want this to happen.

For this reason I have decided to study again.   I will be the subject of my studies..... I am going to be doing the online course called MyCube4Change.

Go check out the videos on their site - I know many of you resonated with that post and perhaps this is also a tool that would interest you..

I am really stoked that my man is well on board and is, in fact, arranging for us to go away overnight next weekend to go through the course material and begin to make the changes that will facilitate the vision we have for our lives - both personally, as a couple and as a family.


Caroline said...

What an exciting journey to take together!

stroller said...

We seem to be colluding - check my latest post!
Its going to be interesting to journey this path at the same time since you and I are at such different places in our lives.

Me, I can hardly wait to get started!

Lynette said...

I love journeys...and the journey of life tops it all!

Kim Barty said...

Mel, so glad to have you on the journey. What I love about change, its just one response at a time! No huge pressure or performance required.

Let's make it easier for you gals in the valley - I'll head over the hill and spend a bit of time 'enabling' you. Quick overview of the website and then highlighting the key themes of see, reflect and respond - and then you're on your own.

Wendy said...

I must try and upload the photo of my whiteboard ... last year one of my collegues wrote ... Don't worry be awesome ... I replied ... I am .. and underneath that about 2 months ago wrote ... LIVE INTENTIONALLY. I must upload the photos of my whiteboard!