09 June 2011

Goodbye 'Message'

We have bunnies. Five until yesterday. We started with two, who were apparently both males.....turns out one was female. We found out this simple truth when Honey one day stumbled upon a 2wk old grey bunny hopping around our yard.

She named him Message because he told us a story....Smokey was a girl and she had had babies! We then discovered the other babies and have since had 3 litters since Message was born in March.

Message and Lucy - dearly loved

He was extremely special to her and last night she found him in obvious distress. We rushed him off to the vet and he was paralysed. Just his little head could move - he had apparently broken his back somehow. The vet explained how fragile there little skeletons are in relation to how high/fast they hop around. Turns out this can happen very easily for young rabbits.

Lulu with Message and Lucy
Two hysterical girls returned home with a euthanised Message. We printed photos, drew pictures and wrote letters. We prepared a box for him with all his favourite things (straw, carrots, pellets, letters, pictures). Today we will have a proper burial where he will be laid to rest under his favourite bush.

Rest in peace little buddy. We will never forget you.


Honeys letter:

Message, my baby, I love you so
Message, my baby, please dont go
I love you Message my sweet baby.

Dear Message, from the moment I found you I knew  you were
the bunny for me. I'm so sorry that this happened to you. I hope
to see you in heaven onde day. I love you Message, Love Honey

Lulu's letter:

Dear Message, I hope you go to heaven and I hope you have a happy
time in heaven. I love you Message, Best love Lulu


Marcelle said...

So sad for children to have to experience this :(

Kirsty said...

So sorry Mel :( So so sad. I hope their hearts heal soon x x

Lynette said...

Very sad that the children have to learn about death and making peace with it. The "funeral" should give them closure.

Shayne said...

So so sad x

Horrible lesson that they have to learn so early on in life, but the letters, the box and the 'funeral' will give them the closure that they need. Plant a few seeds over the burial site so they can remember her xx

cat said...

Ag shame Mel, so sad. At least they learn about death that way and the funeral should help them. Lots of hugs for you all.

MacNessa said...

Ever pragmatic Ness says: plant something over the box, like a rose bush, so the dawg won't dig it up. (speaks from experience)

blackhuff said...

It's sad when children have to experience this kind of situations but I do believe that it makes them strong as well.

rememberwhenwewereyoung said...

Awww how cute are they when they are babies???
We have a pet rabbit and I know how easy they climb into your heart. Sorry you lost one :(

Irish Nomad said...

Having been through similar with a guinea pig a couple of months back, I empathise and sympathise. xx

Michele said...

Ah, dang, Mel, I'm so sorry for you all, especially Message, poor little fellow. My heartfelt condolences to you and your family; it's a terrible thing to lose a pet, and very difficult indeed for loving parents to watch their children process such a loss. You're in my thoughts.

Joanne said...

I am with Ness on this - dig deep else the dog digs them up. Shame of course for the kids lots of hugs from their favourite bunny hugging auntie!