20 June 2011

Happy Birthday Hooligan!

My boytjie. What can I say? You bring so much life, laughter and relative mayhem to our lives. That twinkle in your eye and cheeky grin can turn any ordinary day into something pretty darn cool.

You are such a blessing to us little mister. You cruise through this life with such energy. You endure being outnumbered by girls with ease and charm. You are not shy to compliment women on their *outfits* and then a moment later bust a move on your skateboard that leaves me pale.

From riding your bike, to playing cricket, soccer, rugby, ping pong, skating, baseball - you name it - you do it. Balls, wheels and dangerous physical play is what you are about most of the time ... I have had to learn to unclench my jaw when watching you at play. I have lost count of the number of times I have yelled to your father to come and help me...and then asked (peeping through my fingers)

Is there blood?
(and usually there is!)
I love the way you crawl into my bed early in the morning. The snuggle time we have - the way you nudge me and say ' turn your face to me mommy'

I love your independence but yet you still have to jump up, from whatver you are doing, to give me a kiss and a hug - even if I am just going to Pick n Pay. 

I love your dress sense - your affinity for jeans and high-tops!
I love your eagerness to present me with your (excellent) art everyday after school. 

I love your sensitve yet bold nature.
I love the way you open my car door for me - the little man of the hour when your dad isnt there to do it.
You are a young man of note and we are so very proud of you - we look forward to prayerfully partnering with you on your journey to being the man we know you are destined to be. 
Happy birthday little guy, we love you ridiculously muchly Hooli. 


I'm so not a blogger said...

Aaaah post:-) brought on a feeling of leaky seams when i read it.

allie. said...

Sure is an awful lot to love about this sparkling little dynamo!

Lovely post Mel - as have been all your posts on your children's birthdays this year.

Shayne said...

Stunning post, as always.

Dynamite comes in small packages huh? Am sure he and polly would get on like a house on fire x

ANNE said...

Mel...you said it all so beautifully!

cat said...

Struggling to comment... so pardon any doubles etc.

A beautiful post Mel. And happy Bday to him, and to you.

Lynette said...

Lovely post Mel...Happy birthday Hooli...you share a birthday with Lukas.

Stefanie said...

A beautiful tribute.
What is k-tax?
Me need to know.

blackhuff said...

A big happy birthday to your son.

Karen said...

Happy Bday! What a great post and photo! :D

Kirsty said...

Lovely post....but haven't you missed something? I always thought he was a major muso....destined to be a rock-star. Or has he outgrown that?

rememberwhenwewereyoung said...

You have one handsome little man....I hope he had a fantastic birthday!!!

Wendy said...

Happy Birthday Hooli ... hope your year ahead is fantastic!

Caroline said...

A little late but Happy Birthday Hooli. So very precious aren't they....