29 June 2011

In my world

Today I spent a morning with a friend I have know for over 10yrs. Our lives have gone in different directions and we havent spent much time together while I have been raising my kids but somehow we just connect like it was yesterday! She enriches my life in a way no-one else can.

From there I went to gym - am loving my new trainer, G, she pushed me to do a workout I had found online that I NEVER thought I could ever do. But she knew...and I did it. Twice. I do go workout with her with mild trepidation - our workouts are not for the faint of heart, but I like to feel almost dead otherwise I fail to see the point...she gets that. She is also helping me reach my goal with running so all in all - a good fit is what we are.

Funny story: because I was going to be out all morning today I unblocked Disney XD as a treat for the kids. Well. You would swear that they had won the lottery! The excitement was off the hook. Amazing how something they totally took for granted 3 weeks ago is now such a rare commodity that it evokes such a response.

Right now they are playing Wii Fit Plus - am very happy with this purchase - great family game.

Happy days in our tribes world at the moment.


blackhuff said...

It sure does sound like the most awesome happy days you all are experiencing at the moment. I am happy for you all.
I'm also happy that you had a great time with your friend and again, well done for able to do that workout. You are an inspiration!

cat said...

Some friends are just true friends - regardless of how often you see each other.

Looks like you are in such a happy space.

Lynette said...

We are blessed when we have friends that enrich our lives.

clare said...

I was going to get the wii fit but the gym is going to have to do for now