30 June 2011

My Armour

I have the bestest, warmest gown. It is also the ugliest, most unflattering item of clothing I have ever owned. In winter I care not for fashion. At least not when I am at home, arbing around.

It is a standing joke between The Man and I. He calls it my armour. Apparently it screams 'back off, I am cold and unnattractive' and he also says it's the most hideous thing ever. If he didnt know what lay beneath he may well run screaming to the nearest outpost.

I have challenged him to find me something more appealing - that is as warm and as comfortable as my armour.

Do you have a go-to item of clothing that your significant other despises. And that you wear anyway? ;-)


Laura said...

I also have a blue gown that I LOVE. My mom-in-law bought it for me for my birthday last year and honestly it is the best thing ever! D has been known to steal it from time to time :)

Lynette said...

Mine looks the same...but is white. My DH says I just need a balaklava to round off the pic...does not seem to put him off tho;-)

rememberwhenwewereyoung said...

This made me laugh because I have a blue gown just like yours and it's a standing joke in our house about how unattractive it is.

There is no denying just how warm and comfortable it is though...I can live with the ridicule if it means I'm going to be warm :)

blackhuff said...

I too walk like this around, over weekends or evenings in the winter. My hubby calls it: "Oumatjie is in the home again!" Also saying that what I am wearing is the most unattractive ever :)
I too have challenged my husband but he did not bother, so he have to live with it then ;)
Like those pants of yours.

cat said...

IO used to have a very similar grey gown but last year for my birthday my business partner and his wife gave me one of those wonderful white fluffy 5 star hotel type gowns (@home stocks them). And wow, it is the best. Hubby even remarked that at least he can now face me in my gown.

Julia said...

I have one exactly like that but it is a dark pink (almost red) colour. I LOVE it. I walk into the house after work and I take off my jacket and put it on. As a matter of fact, I am wearing it now over my tracksuit and with my slippers. My husband offered to buy me a new one for my birthday next week. I told him NO. This is like my blanky. You can't just replace it with another one unless you find a fabulous quality one.

Kirsty said...

I can beat that.....I have mine from when I gave birth to my babies in hospital.... therefore it is a size 16 or something suitably large.... but it is cream and fluffy and comfy and warm....and I.DONT.CARE :)