04 June 2011

The Party

Today was the long-awaited Adventure party. Honey has been anticipating this since last year....when we said *nope, its more of a tenth party idea*. Imagine my horror when I woke up to piddling rain at 6am this morning!

It was touch and go as to whether the party would go on but by 0830 the rain stopped. We arrived at the venue just before 10am and the weather was BEAUTIFUL. The sky was clearing and it was warm enough for the kids to just be in long t-shirts. 

Starting out...all clean!

The kids has such a blast, the facilitators did a wonderful job of herding them around the course. Honey and her friends whooped their way around the obstacles - so cool to watch ten year olds so unprententious and full of vooma!

Lulu had a friend along, and even though she took an early tumble, she recovered enough to later conquer her fear and crack the foofi slide. (thanks to lots of encouragement from her friend, R)

Lulu and her friend, R

Hooli said it was his best day EVER. (and declared he wants ALL his parties here) He did everything the others did albeit with a little more help (the course is 8yrs and up) except he was not allowed to do the zipline (thank goodness!). He was less than impressed by this but thankfully his Uncle was on hand to distract him and take him adventuring elsewhere while we cheered the other kids on.

Hooli and Uncle D

It was especially heartwarming for me to watch this band of kids cheering each other, some were very scared to do a few of the more extreme activites but ALL did them - and the encouragement and unbelievable support from their peers was overwhelming. It was very special to watch.

A happy bunch

A moments hesitation before scaling the tree

Watching their mate climb to the top

The Cake...not made by me  ;-)

Honey on the zip line

The troops

So tomorrow morning I awaken to a 10yr old daughter....more on *that* reality tomorrow then...


Debs Daily Doodles said...

Where is this place it looks like awesome fun

Julia said...

Lovely, lovely pics. Looks like they all had such a great time.
Happy birthday to your girl.xx

Shayne said...

Stunning venue - these party's are the best for kids!

Happy happy birthday x

Marcelle said...

What a stunning party idea....well done...it does look like a lot of fun

Lynette said...

That must be the best venue ever. Wish we had something like that here.

blackhuff said...

Glad the party was a success.

cat said...

Excellent party!