27 June 2011

Photo Post

We have had some good times lately.

A local skating centre is the new best treat.

Or our local garden centre is the next best spot....

Celebrating outstanding reports with hot chocolates all round.

Fun at the park in our estate

Riding to the park - new found freedom!

Celebrating Fathers Day at Cape Farmhouse

Happy Fathers Day!

A beaut winters day at our beautiful beach.

Happy Monday :-)  Make it good!


Laura said...

So much of cuteness :)

WELL DONE on the report cards!!!

cat said...

Oh I adore that last photo - beautiful.

blackhuff said...

I love the photos. Tells a beautiful story of a loved family.

stroller said...

Ah the joys of raising reckless boy people!
He gets so much fun out of life that small one of yours!
Lovely pics Mel!

Hayley said...

Love the pics Mel!