25 June 2011

Saturdays Meanderings

The man and I were going to go to Spier this weekend. We have a complimentary night due us but I cancelled at the last minute. I dont want to go when the weather is so miserable. I want to be able to enjoy the beauty of the grounds there - so we have taken a rain check. Think we will maybe go for his birthday or something.

Instead we took off this morning (got sitter for kids) and went to hang out with my sister and bil. The guys watched rugby and we yakked and drank tea. From there the man and I went off to look for a bicycle rack as we are off up the west coast shortly and want to take the kids bikes. Expensive business this bike rack story -sjoe.

We then pottered off to peruse the Cape Quarter as I had still not been there. It is lovely but I wasnt really in the shopping mood - we bought some pretty nifty gadgets at the Green store though. A very cool little solar panel (bout the size of my hand) that charges a little battery. From that battery you charge your cellphones, pdas, ipods, cameras and all those myriad of gadgets we have. (it comes with all the adapters)

It really is an awesome tool. Great for campers, hikers, bikers etc as you can strap the panel to your backpack and charge all your peripherals while out in the bundus. (not that I would EVER consider bundu experiences for longer than a lunch time)

I also found some BARGAIN kids audiobooks (R60) and regular books - poety, stories and activity ones at Book Warehouse. I love that place. All going in my Christmas box...only 6mths to go folks! ;-)

We arrived home to overexcited kids - they reminded me of puppies wagging their tails! They lined the driveway and shrieked in delight as we got home. I saw the need to exercise them immediately (puppies remember?) and we set off biking for an hour or so.

All in all a very chilled day. Love them.


Lynette said...

Sounds like a busy day. B and I will be having lunch at Moyo restaurant @ Spier tomorrow:-)

Hayley said...

Love the Cape Quarter!

cat said...

That was a great great day. And yes, those bike racks are expensive.

blackhuff said...

I too want to visit Spier in December this year, when we will be in Cape Town and if you and the family are not away, I would love to meet you as well, then.
Sounds like you all had a wonderful time.