19 June 2011

Sleep Tight

I love that this is now a standard for nightime....that I can now say :

Go jump into bed early and you can read for an hour. 

Two down - just one to go!  :-)


Kirsty said...

aah ....yes! i am looking forward to a time when I can do this....how many years away am I??
Happy birthday to your lad BTW. hope he had a good day x

allie. said...

Now that is nothing but good news!
Lovely pics, Mel - how angelic they look!

I'm so not a blogger said...


blackhuff said...

It is so nice to see kids reading. Nowadays kids are so focused on TV and computer, that they don't read anymore. My 4 year old daughter also loves it when I read to her and she would rather sit and watch pictures in a book, than watching TV. So it's nice to see your kids read.

Ordinarylife said...

Next you will be checking their beds for torches. 1 hour is never enough.