21 June 2011


With no tv to watch we have plenty of time for reading in the evenings.

Today I will be going in to my girls' school to be their Mystery Reader for half an hour in each grade.

It is Book Week and there are all kinds of exciting things happening revolving around the joy of reading. The Grade Ones are celebrating Dr Seuss while the Grade Fours are reading The Secret Seven...much to Honey's horror. She (and many others) are WAY past Secret Seven so she was less than impressed with this choice BUT they do get to do silent reading for an hour with their own books (and blankets and pillows!)

I really love being involved in the life of the school; it is a top priority. I love watching how the kids interact with one another and I really enjoy getting to know each of the children; with such small classes (on 12 per class) it is easy to build great friendships.

After reading to the kids I will be heading off to my friend to help her pack up her kitchen. It is with great sadness that we will be waving them goodbye next week. After 10years in South Africa they are returning to England. Not much would get me in any kitchen but right now I am happy to do just about anything to grab another hour or two with M.

The kids are all bringing friends home tomorrow afternoon for playdates. Love that term is winding down and there is no homework pressure - we can all just *play and chill*.

Hope your days pan out to be stellar!


blackhuff said...

Are your kids in a Private or Government School? Reason why I am asking is that hubby also recalls that when he grew up in Cape Town, their classes in the Government School was also as small as max 15 pupils per class. And if your kids are in Government School, I so would have wanted my kids to grow up in Cape Town due to the small classes. Here they are 25 pupils per class.
I am glad that you love being so involved in school things and that you got your children to read. What a priceless picture.

MacNessa said...

Oh, and when are you coming to help ME PACK!? Huh? HUH!?


Actually, no worries, we have *people* doing that for us on Tuesday. Big cheesy grin.

cat said...

For the love of books! I just love this little happy post of yours.

Heathcote Safari said...

Thanks again for your time this morning! It was nice to get the majority of the kitchen packed, and it was GREAT to have time with you and Liesl ;-)

rememberwhenwewereyoung said...

Enjoy the book week at the kids school. My son's school does something similar every year and the highlight for the kids is the book dress up day and the mobile book shop that parks outside...this year he bought an awesome star wars novel.

Sorry to hear your friend is moving country. It's never easy to say good-bye to a good friend!