13 June 2011

Yet Another Milestone

It would seem we have reached yet another milestone in our family.  

All our children can now ride bicycles.  

Albeit with varying degrees of skill. Practice, I believe, will bring more enthusiasm and alacrity.

Today we surprised them all with their new bikes. (well, 1 was new, 2 were pre-owned). Honey chose her bike and chipped in ALL her birthday money (R600)  to get it! I was very surprised as she hasnt always been the most enthusiastic rider. I figured if she was that committed to it she deserves a chance to prove her enthusiasm. (besides, its black, so eventually Hooli will get it and he really couldnt be any MORE enthusiastic!)

Honey asked me why they are getting bikes now. They have had their birthdays already and it is too soon to be Christmas presents. I told her the bikes are Lets Get Active presents. She had a good chuckle at that but seriously? I think every kid should ride a bike for as long as possible and it just panned out that *now* is the right time for us.

I do have a grand plan. It is all very neat and Walton-family like in my head. I do hope it works out in reality. Even if only for a few years. It goes a bit like this:

Weekend trail runs with the kids on their bikes.
Walks/blading along Sea Point promenade with kids on bikes/blades/skateboards.
Camping/Mcgregor/random weekend outings with bikes.

We also live in a gated estate so the kids are free to ride all around here in relative safety.

Now all we need is a bike rack and some reasonable weather. :-)


ANNE said...

looking forward to the McGregor rides!

Caroline said...

Excellent! I love cycling around with the kids.

cat said...

We have a long term plan a lot like that, but still a long way to go.

Wendy said...

Sounds like fun. We used to cycle on the other side of the pond - I'm just too terrified here.