29 July 2011

Dont Worry Be Happy


28 July 2011

Opening Thoughts

On waking Levi at 0630 this morning, he rolls over and looks at me through bleary eyes:
"Mom? I feel like breakdancing. "

26 July 2011

Tuesday Bits

Bullets for a Tuesday:

I am doing A Week in the Life project with Ali Edwards this week. I have been meaning to do it for years! Basically just documenting in words + pictures a typical week in our lives. This week I am simply taking notes and pictures and next week I will put the album together.

Took a three day vac from running/gym and went back today. I should never have done it as I had a kak weekend and I am convinced its because I didnt start the day *right*.

I had fun looking after the Gr 4 class for a few hours yesterday - got the opportunity to teach English and EMS with them. NIce change of pace for me and very fun for Honey to have her mom as teacher for the day!

I have to take Hooli to another surgeon this week. That lymph node is still in his neck. Either the original guy didnt get the right one or a new one has popped up. Its very small and innocuous but I have to get it checked out nonetheless. I write casually about this but instead I am fighting hard not to get emotional at the thought of going this road again.

I have started reading We Need to Talk About Kevin aswell as The Book Thief. I am horrified to say that I cant  get into either of them. I will lay them aside for now and try again at a later date.

Am off to see Bridesmaids shortly with my man. What a boytjie that he will sit through suchlike movies with moi. :-)

And thatisall folks.

22 July 2011

Its All About the Story

I started scrapbooking (i hate that word) about 7yrs ago. It was like finding my perfect fit. I threw myself into it with wholehearted abandon. I ate, slept and dreamt in layouts. I worked in a scrapbook shop. I gave lessons at the shop and then later from my home. I was passionate about it.

Enter blogging about 4yrs ago. It was like finding another perfect fit. I threw myself into it just as hard and I have been an avid blogger since that day. Scrapbooking eventually became a distant memory.

The common denominator? Words. Photos. My life.

What am I missing at the moment? The arty side. The paper and glue side. Do I miss it enough to dive back in as voraciously as in the past ? No. Definitely not. But I miss it enough to do the projects that mean something to me. Not endless layout after layout after layout.

I think scrapping got too hard - its easy to fight creativity and to make it harder than it has to be. To get complicated and keep putting stuff off. It was so much easier to simply log on, churn out a blogpost and gooi in some photos .

Scrapbooking with paper slows me down. In a good way. Its all a bit zen really. It gets me into a different headspace, away from the clicking of keys and swiping of touchpads. It is something that fuels me and yet I cast it aside.

"My biggest fear sometimes is that I wont tell a story deeply enough". - Ali Edward -

I can relate to that fear. I dont want to get so immersed in the creation of some page full of flounce, paint, embellishments and stuff and not tell the story that lies beneath the prettiness. I think I live in this dichotemy of beauty vs truth.

Omigosh, who knew I could write so MUCH about scrapping eh?  Thanks for reading if you made it this far!

Best I get cracking on my 'Mel @ 38' layout.  For those of you who are interested you can see my other pages from age 32 to 36 here.

21 July 2011

Conversations with Hooligan

My son has just turned 5. He is passionate about anything to do with sports and skateboarding. This is a glimpse into our conversation in the car this morning.


Hooli : Mom, are their rails in heaven? Like rails for skateboards?

Me : Um, I am pretty sure you will be able to skate in heaven, upside being you wont get hurt either!

Hooli: Mom, is God in Heaven or in our hearts?

Lulu (7) : God is everywhere man. He is in heaven and in our hearts and in America with our cousins.

Me: Tis true Hooli, He is omnipresent. That means everywhere at the same time. The best kind of superhero.

Hooli : If I die and I wake up and go through the wrong door will I fall out of Heaven back to earth?

Me : (this is all a LOT before I have had coffee)  Nope buddy, it doesnt work like that - you wont be falling anyway and I am pretty sure there wont be any wrong doors.

Hooli: What is heaven like anyway? Will there be tv and rugby and stuff?

Me : (seriously?) Heaven will be uber-cool. Just like here but only the best possible version. The way God wanted it in the beginning. So there wont be wars, sickness and fighting and all the bad stuff that there is now. Take all the stuff you love and the beauty we see and it will all be there. A perfect world boet.

Hooli: (silence)


And then we arrived at his school.

Conversations like this, with my kids, can be really challenging. It is difficult to pass on stuff to them that you are uncertain of yourself but one thing I know : Heaven IS going to be uber-cool.   :-)

20 July 2011

Not a New Idea

I was perusing my ScrapFan blog today. So great to go through all my old layouts and remember the years gone by. Am somewhat mad at myself for failing to complete a layout of myself at 37.....I must get on with my 'Mel @ 38' layout before my birthday rolls around this year!

I was particularly interested to read this post (also copied below) that I wrote on 12 November 2008 - almost 3 years ago. Clearly simplicity is not a destination but an ongoing journey; something that consistenly tugs at my heart.

Journalling is hidden but reads as follows:

I have found that pursuing a life of simplicity comes at a cost few people care to mention.

I am not saying its not worth it...simply that its not as easy as tossing out a few boxes of unwanted junk or saying no to arbitary requests on your time.

Simplicity is not only decluttering your home and time but also decluttering (renewing) your mind. This is something I find far more challenging but a journey certainly worth travelling. 

What does simplicity mean to you?


What I Wore Today is a specialised feature post that I do from time to time. It is to document and share the clothes that make up my day to day life. I do know that in years to come, looking back at these posts in particular, will be a source of much amusement to myself and my kids. 

Top is from some no-name brand store, jeans Mr Price and shoes Woolies.

Theoretically I didnt wear this today - I wore it one evening last week when we went to the theatre. 

19 July 2011

Rambles on a Tueday

The kids are back at school, yay. Or so I thought until yesterday completely winded me. Projects, orals, homework, library, violin, swimming and the rest of life. Crazy hey? But all things considered we got it done and in good grace. Sometimes its good to be productive - towards the end of the holidays life got a bit dreary....even I can tire of staying in my pjs til lunchtime. Yes, really.

I set off to run again today after taking some time off due to shin splints. I think I just upped my mileage to fast and hurt myself. Going from 5 -25 km in one week might do that I guess. I did also buy some uber cool ICE SPRAY so that if I get eina I can sommer spray it away and carry on. Yeah!! Love that idea but promise to use it responsibly Mom! ;-)

I went to get photos printed yesterday. To scrapbook. (true story)  I want to journal about our little magical overnight trip to Old McDaddys farm. I also want to do a 'Mel @ 38' page before I turn 39....I have been doing a page a year since I was 32 but I let it slip by me last year so not again!

I do have a confession to make ....I upgraded our dstv to premium again. Nothing has changed except that my dear, hardworking man can now watch the one thing he loves - sport! I suddenly felt awful that I had made this decision without really considering how it would impact him - he watches so little tv I didnt really think about it until I realised the Tri-Nations and World Cup are about to begin and the poor bloke has to go out all the time if he wants to watch. I really wish there was an alternative bouquet that included sport.

Right - 30min til pick ups so best I do, um, something.

18 July 2011


Today I get to enjoy my own house. Until 1pm anyway but HELL I will take it and rejoice.

Usually I love school holidays and am seldom ready to start the routine again but this time my steam ran out a few days too early. I think I was just so disappointed when we couldnt go away last week as planned that I just kinda lost my mojo. I had been entertaining the kids the first two weeks fully expecting the last week to be us, as a family, away somewhere beautiful....anyway - it will still happen.

I dont have any major plans for the morning barr the obvious things that I do daily but I will certainly enjoy doing them all solo and in silence. :-)

Here's to a wonderful third term!

15 July 2011

Bullets for a Friday

  • Cape Town's winter continues to rock my world. 
  • We will be booking tickets this week to go to England in early October.
  • Decided to put Vic Falls on ice and rather spend the money and tour England a bit.
  • School holidays are almost over. I am truly grateful. The voices are getting a bit much.
  • I saw a posture specialist/muscle tester this week for my shin splints. Am optimistic...
  • And have entered 2 races in the next 3 weeks. Yes, really.
  • One 6km and one 10km. Small beginnings but a goal is always good.
  • Reading a book that is revolutionising the way I run. 
  • I blog about my training elsewhere cos I can see you rolling your eyes in your head. :-)
  • My girls are wetnurse to 3 baby bunnies. Formerly 6 but Mamma Rabbit turned on her babies.
  • See my moms blog to see pics and story about wetnurse adventures.
Am off to embrace this beautiful last day of holidays and meets some very special people (and their sprogs) for lunch.

Happy weekend.

12 July 2011

Pillow Talk

I woke up to another beautiful Cape Town morning. I felt the covers being gently pulled back and Honey slipped in alongside me.

Hi Mom, she said softly as she stroked my face.

Mornin' Love, I replied.

I was just wondering if they have found a cure for cancer yet Mom?

Well, okay then. Lets get a cuppa tea and have a wee chat then shall we? What were the opening barrs to your morning then?

09 July 2011

Another Moment with a Tween

I was on the phone. In the middle of quite a deep conversation. My man caught this interaction between Honey and myself....what a precious moment.

Just look at her face in the middle picture. Physical touch is such a precious thing as often it seems they dont want it when they get old but clearly that is all a facade!

07 July 2011


I am still reading the Happiness Project and whilst I am enamoured with the content of the book I am well aware of the dangers of the so-called 'pursuit of happiness'. The authour has some wonderful perspectives however, life is always about balance.

06 July 2011

Spontaneity may not be my middle name

Next week we were due to travel up the west coast and enjoy time at a beautiful home right on an unspoilt beach. We were all so looking forward to it. But life happens and the man has to go on a course for two weeks....starting this Monday. :-(  Luckily we were able to transfer our deposit to another stay in the near future.

We do feel though that we cannot let the kids (and ourselves) down so it was left to me today to find accommodation for us from tomorrow (thurs) until Saturday. We need to be back on Saturday as we have dinner/theatre bookings with good friends and dont want to miss that!

It took me the better part of 4hrs (and some serious negotiating) to find somewhere for us to go. (Elgin and Hermanus)  I am still doing last minute dashes to rearrange plans we had over the next 3 days including rescheduling the garden service, playdates, dog and rabbit sitters, car repair booking etc etc. All a bit manic but rather exciting for everyone. (not-so-much-me)

I am determined to wake up tomorrow and not get fractured and screamy and mental with all the packing and forethought. I am sommer gonna try this *go-with-the-flow* mojo that apparently many Capetonians channel.

Wish me luck and check you on the flipside ek se! (see, I am trying?)

05 July 2011


What I Wore Today is a specialised feature post that I do from time to time. It is to document and share the clothes that make up my day to day life. I do know that in years to come, looking back at these posts in particular, will be a source of much amusement to myself and my kids. 

Jeans - WW.  Boots - some random shop. Jersey - Mr Price. Green lace top - JayJays.

04 July 2011

Change Update

Looking back at My Steps to Change post I am now reflecting on how different our weeks have become:

1. Downgrade of our dstv to Compact.  My house is quiet, my kids are very busy doing stuff. Hooli created a house out of clay and playing in his fort, Lulu has been painting ceramics and designing stuff and Honey has been making incense and scented candles. The kids are also calmer and less irritable.

2. I have removed facebook and push email from my cellphone. I havent even really missed it at all. Facebook is wonderful and I really enjoy the times I do pop in - from my laptop at home. The email thing I am pushing further by  upgrading spam filters and unsubscribing from ALL newsletters I had previously subscribed to. My cell phone and I even spend time apart these days. :-)

3. I will read to my kids every day. This has been great, in the beginning the kids were restless and twitchy but now they really look forward to it. If we do it in the evenings they have to bathed, in pj's, teethed brushed - then they may hop into my bed (warm from electric blanket) and wait for me to come up and read. Works a treat.

4. I will not schedule every hour of my day. This has been a huge relief. I now have 'buffers or margins' in my day. I find myself early for appointments, time to fit in errands and time to be quiet in my head before fetching kids.

5. I have changed my attitude to cooking. It was a huge burden every day. I still dont like it but I refuse to moan and groan and lament. Its a waste of time. I have bought an index box with cards. In this box I have written out TRIED AND TESTED recipes for my family. I can close my eyes, stick my hand in the box and not even have to think about food. Anything I take out will be do-able; and most likely I will have all the ingredients to hand. It has changed my life. My little black box. ;-)

6. I have much more time to read, exercise, walk the dog and stare into space if that is what I wish to do. I loved the quote I put on facebook recently- its speaks directly to where I am at:

Don’t confuse being busy with being productive. – Stop and ask yourself if what you’re working on is worth the effort. Is it bringing you in the same direction as your goals?

03 July 2011

Nifty Idea!

Yes? Thought this was a pretty awesome idea to keep all the gidgits neat and accessible.
From your mouse to printer to ipod to kindle to camera and and and. Tell me it aint a super-cool idea eh?

01 July 2011

Brand New Month

This video really spoke to me. It is where I am at right now so I guess I may be a bent this way....its 3minutes long so do yourself a favour and take a look-see and then tell me how your July looks!

Happy Weekend!