18 July 2011


Today I get to enjoy my own house. Until 1pm anyway but HELL I will take it and rejoice.

Usually I love school holidays and am seldom ready to start the routine again but this time my steam ran out a few days too early. I think I was just so disappointed when we couldnt go away last week as planned that I just kinda lost my mojo. I had been entertaining the kids the first two weeks fully expecting the last week to be us, as a family, away somewhere beautiful....anyway - it will still happen.

I dont have any major plans for the morning barr the obvious things that I do daily but I will certainly enjoy doing them all solo and in silence. :-)

Here's to a wonderful third term!


Stefanie said...

You and me both, was hoping to go to Arniston for the last weekend and his work intervened. I was so frustrated and misluk. We did have a great day yesterday though, out to lunch and a Sunday drive.

blackhuff said...

Enjoy this time you have for yourself until 1pm. Whatever you might be doing :)

cat said...

Oh I love your new look! Stunning! Gosh, I am exhausted today - would have loved some sleep until 1!

Shayne said...

You and me both darl.

I however landed up spending the morning in Stutt, so wasn't quite as peaceful as I'd hoped.

tomorrow is just around the corner tho!

Hope you had an awesome morning x

Caroline said...

I'm into my 4th week of 24/7 entertainment and still have another 2 1/2 weeks to go - starting to run out of steam as well...... Can not express how much I am looking forward to going home and having some 'me' time!