15 July 2011

Bullets for a Friday

  • Cape Town's winter continues to rock my world. 
  • We will be booking tickets this week to go to England in early October.
  • Decided to put Vic Falls on ice and rather spend the money and tour England a bit.
  • School holidays are almost over. I am truly grateful. The voices are getting a bit much.
  • I saw a posture specialist/muscle tester this week for my shin splints. Am optimistic...
  • And have entered 2 races in the next 3 weeks. Yes, really.
  • One 6km and one 10km. Small beginnings but a goal is always good.
  • Reading a book that is revolutionising the way I run. 
  • I blog about my training elsewhere cos I can see you rolling your eyes in your head. :-)
  • My girls are wetnurse to 3 baby bunnies. Formerly 6 but Mamma Rabbit turned on her babies.
  • See my moms blog to see pics and story about wetnurse adventures.
Am off to embrace this beautiful last day of holidays and meets some very special people (and their sprogs) for lunch.

Happy weekend.


Stefanie said...

I keep telling you Summer is over rated.
I am LOVIN it too.

Marcelle said...

hahahaha, we all blog somewhere else about out other side ....we all like minded people...:)

England in October....then I will see you in November...and then...we will RUN together...you will have no excuse...down to beach and back is 10km!!

Glad you got those shin splints sorted out andddddddddd yahoo on the two races.
I have a half on 4 September, but not sure anymore as have not trained anything more than 14km ...so not ready for 21

Laura said...

Holiday sounds awesome!

And well done for entering the races!

MacNessa said...

"Tour England a bit" - dare I ask if that might include my own little piece of paradise in Wiltshire? If you need a touristy excuse to include it - we're just 28 miles from Stonehenge! ;)

Hayley said...

Yay for entering the races...and I hardly think thats starting off slow :-)

Enjoy the weekend! :-)

blackhuff said...

Well, you know me ... I too blog somewhere else regarding my exercise :)
England sounds awesome - a dream of mine and my hubby's. But just the two of us in 10 years time.

Lynette said...

Wow...that is a lot of happenings! Just read about your baby rabbit on Allie's blog...

We are also having wonderful weather in PE at the mo!

Happy weekend.

Will said...

Stu Mittleman Rocks. Try reading Maffetone as well. But the ultimate guru is Lydiard. He is the grandfather of them all.

Julia said...

Cape Town winter is absolutely rocking my world at the moment. Must do some more reading on the running. Can't wait to hit the pavement tomorrow.
Hope the first day of routine runs smoothly tomorrow.x

cat said...

Touring England sounds fantastic! Vic falls can wait.

You have a lot happening.