04 July 2011

Change Update

Looking back at My Steps to Change post I am now reflecting on how different our weeks have become:

1. Downgrade of our dstv to Compact.  My house is quiet, my kids are very busy doing stuff. Hooli created a house out of clay and playing in his fort, Lulu has been painting ceramics and designing stuff and Honey has been making incense and scented candles. The kids are also calmer and less irritable.

2. I have removed facebook and push email from my cellphone. I havent even really missed it at all. Facebook is wonderful and I really enjoy the times I do pop in - from my laptop at home. The email thing I am pushing further by  upgrading spam filters and unsubscribing from ALL newsletters I had previously subscribed to. My cell phone and I even spend time apart these days. :-)

3. I will read to my kids every day. This has been great, in the beginning the kids were restless and twitchy but now they really look forward to it. If we do it in the evenings they have to bathed, in pj's, teethed brushed - then they may hop into my bed (warm from electric blanket) and wait for me to come up and read. Works a treat.

4. I will not schedule every hour of my day. This has been a huge relief. I now have 'buffers or margins' in my day. I find myself early for appointments, time to fit in errands and time to be quiet in my head before fetching kids.

5. I have changed my attitude to cooking. It was a huge burden every day. I still dont like it but I refuse to moan and groan and lament. Its a waste of time. I have bought an index box with cards. In this box I have written out TRIED AND TESTED recipes for my family. I can close my eyes, stick my hand in the box and not even have to think about food. Anything I take out will be do-able; and most likely I will have all the ingredients to hand. It has changed my life. My little black box. ;-)

6. I have much more time to read, exercise, walk the dog and stare into space if that is what I wish to do. I loved the quote I put on facebook recently- its speaks directly to where I am at:

Don’t confuse being busy with being productive. – Stop and ask yourself if what you’re working on is worth the effort. Is it bringing you in the same direction as your goals?


stroller said...

Just wonderful Mel!
'Life changing' is an overworked phrase but it fits here.

I am also enjoying being unconflicted about my time.
And getting things done, without stress!

Julia said...

Awesome post!
Love that you are making such great progress. I am on the verge of removing FB and email from my phone. In terms of the cooking, I think I am very similar to you. But I have realised that it is all about attitude. I plan well and have started doing double portions and since I have been watching my weight I am actually liking the experimentation. Not 100% but more than I used to. I wrote a post about it here:

blackhuff said...

I think it's absolutely wonderful how you have accomplished it, to make all of your life's so simple. Well done.

cat said...

Some fantastic moves forward.

Lynette said...

Wow Mel...technology is fantastic...but this just proves it can also come in the way of quality time together as a family. I love the changes you made.

Karen said...

love love LOVE the growth i am witnessing in your life. I've said it once, bu I'll say it again...INSPIRATIONAL!

Wern said...

That is really good to read Mel! A big well done from me :-)