21 July 2011

Conversations with Hooligan

My son has just turned 5. He is passionate about anything to do with sports and skateboarding. This is a glimpse into our conversation in the car this morning.


Hooli : Mom, are their rails in heaven? Like rails for skateboards?

Me : Um, I am pretty sure you will be able to skate in heaven, upside being you wont get hurt either!

Hooli: Mom, is God in Heaven or in our hearts?

Lulu (7) : God is everywhere man. He is in heaven and in our hearts and in America with our cousins.

Me: Tis true Hooli, He is omnipresent. That means everywhere at the same time. The best kind of superhero.

Hooli : If I die and I wake up and go through the wrong door will I fall out of Heaven back to earth?

Me : (this is all a LOT before I have had coffee)  Nope buddy, it doesnt work like that - you wont be falling anyway and I am pretty sure there wont be any wrong doors.

Hooli: What is heaven like anyway? Will there be tv and rugby and stuff?

Me : (seriously?) Heaven will be uber-cool. Just like here but only the best possible version. The way God wanted it in the beginning. So there wont be wars, sickness and fighting and all the bad stuff that there is now. Take all the stuff you love and the beauty we see and it will all be there. A perfect world boet.

Hooli: (silence)


And then we arrived at his school.

Conversations like this, with my kids, can be really challenging. It is difficult to pass on stuff to them that you are uncertain of yourself but one thing I know : Heaven IS going to be uber-cool.   :-)


Marcelle said...

Love kids minds....xx

Kim Watson said...

Don't you just love the early processing they go through? Watching the lights go on is seriously cool as a parent.

Almost as cool as rails in heaven (too cute!)

michelle gatley-dewing said...

you have to be truthful with him....there is NO rugby in Heaven!!!

Laura said...

This sounds like something Kiara would say!

Gotta love them

Lynette said...

Beautiful post Mel...something you will want to remember.

Lynese said...

uber-cool indeed.

Joanne said...

Too sweet, I cant believe how grown up he is and seems like his conversation is similar to F.

allie. said...

Who says there is no rugby in heaven! :-)
Interesting thought though - rugby without blood and pain. hehe

I love that heaven is so real to Hooli: he doesnt ask IF there is heaven - he just wants to know what its like.

It seems all your children love to ask you penetrating spiritual questions - specially before your first cuppa cawfee.

blackhuff said...

I can SO relate. I too have conversations like these with my son. It's challenging but I do enjoy having them. And you are absolutely right: Heaven IS going to be uber-cool :)

cat said...

Oh that is beautiful.

And heaven is so going to be uber cool.

allie. said...

Still love this!!