20 July 2011

Not a New Idea

I was perusing my ScrapFan blog today. So great to go through all my old layouts and remember the years gone by. Am somewhat mad at myself for failing to complete a layout of myself at 37.....I must get on with my 'Mel @ 38' layout before my birthday rolls around this year!

I was particularly interested to read this post (also copied below) that I wrote on 12 November 2008 - almost 3 years ago. Clearly simplicity is not a destination but an ongoing journey; something that consistenly tugs at my heart.

Journalling is hidden but reads as follows:

I have found that pursuing a life of simplicity comes at a cost few people care to mention.

I am not saying its not worth it...simply that its not as easy as tossing out a few boxes of unwanted junk or saying no to arbitary requests on your time.

Simplicity is not only decluttering your home and time but also decluttering (renewing) your mind. This is something I find far more challenging but a journey certainly worth travelling. 

What does simplicity mean to you?


Stefanie said...

Me at home alone, kids at school, house tidy and no demands on my time. That is simply perfect!

Marcelle said...

YOu are multi talented...now thats why I love you....:)

Kirsty said...

Love your journalling. You have me pondering now...... what does simplicity mean to me? I dont think simplicity lives in my vocab... I don't do anything simply, I go all out, all the time. i think. No wonder I feel exhausted :s

Jeannie said...

So with you on this Mel. I think us living in JHB and how tough the lifestyle is... its made us realise how much me long for the simplicity of life... not only in the declutting of materialism, time and that but the way we think and approach life.

I think its become too complicated, too much... and quite frankly stealing from us...

Here is to a simply enjoying the simplier things in life.