12 July 2011

Pillow Talk

I woke up to another beautiful Cape Town morning. I felt the covers being gently pulled back and Honey slipped in alongside me.

Hi Mom, she said softly as she stroked my face.

Mornin' Love, I replied.

I was just wondering if they have found a cure for cancer yet Mom?

Well, okay then. Lets get a cuppa tea and have a wee chat then shall we? What were the opening barrs to your morning then?


Joanne said...

Heavy going then?

Stefanie said...

Cape Talk radio at 6.03am so that Andrew could be up and at it - breakfast at the ICCC.

Lynette said...

I was woken by Lukie...with "ek wil pink melkies he."...but then again that could become a whole blog post.

blackhuff said...

Maybe a bad dream made her ask this ? Shame, hope the talk is going good

Laura said...

My kids wake me up by hurling abuse at each other :(

Shame man - such a big thing for a little person to worry about!

1986 CR Swart Matrieks said...
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I'm so not a blogger said...

Mine woke me up saying: mom, daddy is a grumpy bum! hehe, funny thing is that he was still asleep..
def made me giggle, such perceptive little beings they are.