19 July 2011

Rambles on a Tueday

The kids are back at school, yay. Or so I thought until yesterday completely winded me. Projects, orals, homework, library, violin, swimming and the rest of life. Crazy hey? But all things considered we got it done and in good grace. Sometimes its good to be productive - towards the end of the holidays life got a bit dreary....even I can tire of staying in my pjs til lunchtime. Yes, really.

I set off to run again today after taking some time off due to shin splints. I think I just upped my mileage to fast and hurt myself. Going from 5 -25 km in one week might do that I guess. I did also buy some uber cool ICE SPRAY so that if I get eina I can sommer spray it away and carry on. Yeah!! Love that idea but promise to use it responsibly Mom! ;-)

I went to get photos printed yesterday. To scrapbook. (true story)  I want to journal about our little magical overnight trip to Old McDaddys farm. I also want to do a 'Mel @ 38' page before I turn 39....I have been doing a page a year since I was 32 but I let it slip by me last year so not again!

I do have a confession to make ....I upgraded our dstv to premium again. Nothing has changed except that my dear, hardworking man can now watch the one thing he loves - sport! I suddenly felt awful that I had made this decision without really considering how it would impact him - he watches so little tv I didnt really think about it until I realised the Tri-Nations and World Cup are about to begin and the poor bloke has to go out all the time if he wants to watch. I really wish there was an alternative bouquet that included sport.

Right - 30min til pick ups so best I do, um, something.


blackhuff said...

Me and hubby also want to desperately downgrade our bouquet for a smaller premium but what keeps us from doing it, is that on the cheaper bouquets, there aren't sport. I think Multichoice knows this and that is why they don't have Sport on the cheaper bouquets.
Can't wait to see the "Mel@38" post. Sounds interesting.
This Ice Spray sounds cool. Where did you buy it?

cat said...

I agree with Blackhuff - it's the way they keep you paying more - the rugby.

Good luck with all of the things going on.

Laura said...

We dont have DSTV - if D wants to watch rugby or anything we have to go out :)

I was totally overwhelmed by kids going back to school yesterday! Day ended with me alone in my room for a time out with some tears :(

Lynette said...

In this house our TV is always on sport...I would be very unpopular if I should take that away from my man;-)

Joanne said...

You and that bloody TV bouquet!!! We upgraded to a movie package after downgrading last year and changed to Lovefilm but now we have comedies and a few other ones but no thriller thats another package grrrrr.