06 July 2011

Spontaneity may not be my middle name

Next week we were due to travel up the west coast and enjoy time at a beautiful home right on an unspoilt beach. We were all so looking forward to it. But life happens and the man has to go on a course for two weeks....starting this Monday. :-(  Luckily we were able to transfer our deposit to another stay in the near future.

We do feel though that we cannot let the kids (and ourselves) down so it was left to me today to find accommodation for us from tomorrow (thurs) until Saturday. We need to be back on Saturday as we have dinner/theatre bookings with good friends and dont want to miss that!

It took me the better part of 4hrs (and some serious negotiating) to find somewhere for us to go. (Elgin and Hermanus)  I am still doing last minute dashes to rearrange plans we had over the next 3 days including rescheduling the garden service, playdates, dog and rabbit sitters, car repair booking etc etc. All a bit manic but rather exciting for everyone. (not-so-much-me)

I am determined to wake up tomorrow and not get fractured and screamy and mental with all the packing and forethought. I am sommer gonna try this *go-with-the-flow* mojo that apparently many Capetonians channel.

Wish me luck and check you on the flipside ek se! (see, I am trying?)


Sarah said...

It's going to be GREAT sil. It will be 'adventurous'!

cat said...

Something like that will tip me over -to the Loony bin, but somehow these break aways turns into the best ones ever. Hope this is true for you.

blackhuff said...

Good luck and enjoy.

Lynette said...

Enjoy it...Eish...all that planning! It is hard work to go away for a few days.