26 July 2011

Tuesday Bits

Bullets for a Tuesday:

I am doing A Week in the Life project with Ali Edwards this week. I have been meaning to do it for years! Basically just documenting in words + pictures a typical week in our lives. This week I am simply taking notes and pictures and next week I will put the album together.

Took a three day vac from running/gym and went back today. I should never have done it as I had a kak weekend and I am convinced its because I didnt start the day *right*.

I had fun looking after the Gr 4 class for a few hours yesterday - got the opportunity to teach English and EMS with them. NIce change of pace for me and very fun for Honey to have her mom as teacher for the day!

I have to take Hooli to another surgeon this week. That lymph node is still in his neck. Either the original guy didnt get the right one or a new one has popped up. Its very small and innocuous but I have to get it checked out nonetheless. I write casually about this but instead I am fighting hard not to get emotional at the thought of going this road again.

I have started reading We Need to Talk About Kevin aswell as The Book Thief. I am horrified to say that I cant  get into either of them. I will lay them aside for now and try again at a later date.

Am off to see Bridesmaids shortly with my man. What a boytjie that he will sit through suchlike movies with moi. :-)

And thatisall folks.


cat said...

It took me a while to get into the Bookthief too, but once you are, it's great. So keep reading.

All the best for Hooli. Will keep him in my prayers.

Lynette said...

I haven't read much at all lately. Stay anchored in Him in faith...will pray for you and Hooli.

Kirsty said...

Bare with kevin... you will reach the stage where you cant put it down. Sterkte for hooli and his gland... sure all will be a-ok, but doesn't help the angst, I know. ... my son is living with a cyst in his brain, and most of the time i "forget " about it, as he is so healthy. ut verynow and again i think about it and the air leaves my chest.... kwim?? Thinking of you x x

Stefanie said...

Sterkte for you.
I may (probably will) do my week from next week. I only bought the digi set this morning... was debating the 19.99$ pricetag. Needing to get my head right and let go the rest. I have done 2, 2008, 2010 and this year, seems to overlap with my photo of a day thang a little. Sigh. Need coffee?

MelB said...

Thanks guys. xxx

And Kirsty - yes, I can well imagine, its only when we allow ourselves to *go there* ... I know that air leaving the chest feeling well.

This time I am determined to DO BETTER. Cos last time I stressed myself literally until i was sick. This time I will not do that. When we KNOW BETTER we DO BETTER.

Helps having a whole community of amazing people standing in my corner so thank you guys.

clare said...

Can you Hooli have a MRI scan on that area?

I couldnt get into the book thief either - did you download it?

MacLeod House said...

Seriously that man of yours is cool, either that or you have him very well trained. The only way that the hubs and I reached an agreement on movies was that all "chick flicks" are "dvd movies" and "bloke flicks" are big screen material. The only exceptions we make to this rule apply to Twilight and the Harry Potter movies, or anything with Russell Crowe in it regardless of genre, because the man deserves the screen space. It does kinda make sense that you see more 'action' on the big screen, so not too much of a hardship for me - plus I'm such a sci-fi dork anyway, that usually I'd pick the same movie as the man when we go anyway.

Julia said...

Also busy with The Book Thief. Dit gaan maar stadig. Will look out for the other one you mention.
ps...finally received my gift! Thank you so much. Can't wait to get stuck in.x