29 August 2011

Bulleted Monday

Do you ever have those days where you stare at your screen, knowing you have so much to say but then realise that your blog is just NOT the place to share that stuff? I wish I could drag some of you into a corner and whisper in your ear. There is such a lot going on - sad things, happy things, tragic things and exciting things.

Bullets will have to suffice for this monday:

  • it is show week in our home. A Kidsummer Nights Dream premiers this week with a matinee on Wednesday and an evening show on Thursday. Honey has been working hard as the lead and is extremely excited. Young Lulu is also thrilled to be part of the action as one of the main faeries!
  • because of all the concert-hype (and having grandpa staying here)  Lulu has been more fragile of late. she is moody and flies off the handle and overreacts to small things. it can be treacherous navigating her at the moment. I look forward to normality but at least I understand why she is behaving erratically.
  • My father-in-law is with us for the week, we timed his visit so he could see the show. Unfortunately he and my guy have both succumbed to the flu .... but at this stage it doesnt seem too bad. Hoping a day or 2 of rest will find them well again.
  • I did my longest trail run (8km)  on Saturday morning with some friends. It was phenomenal. We ran up to Elephants Eye in Silvermine, hitting all the hotspots along the way - waterfalls etc. It was truly a remarkable experience and the social aspect of it was amazing.
  • Only 6wks until I flit off to visit Clare in the UK - my anxiety about leaving my kids is slowly being overtaken by excitement at the thought of a week away with my man and good friends IN LONDON BABEEEEE!
  • Am off to do the visa thing tomorrow morning. Bleh, i hate any red tape stuff but its gotta be done - am not anticipating any hitches. Just a schlepp and a droog way to spend a morning.
  • I cut my hair on Friday. I honestly am not sure if I like it or not. I dont hate it. It is still long but I have a fringe. I think I look a bit odd but I guess its just a matter of getting used to it. 
Right, off to take kids to swimming...usually DH takes them on a Monday evening and I revel in an hours stillness but as he is still prone I am filling his shoes!


lg said...

My latest blog starts pretty much just like yours .... I think I may even have bulleted it too! I haven't posted for ages since then either.

Nice to read yours tho!

Julia said...

Goodness me! Lots happening in your neck of the woods with sick adults, travel plans and being a Mom to performing artists!
Sounds very cool (except for the sick males of course)
Your run sounds epic. Am tempted to attempt trail running. Maybe next year.
Pls post a pic of your new hair?

Shayne said...

Didn't you mention going private some time back (then you could whisper to us!).

Well done on he run - sounds amazing and i'm sure you loved every second of it.

Want to see the hair see?

Good luck for the kidlets show this week - so sweet.

And hope the ailing men in your family recover asap - if they are feeling anything like I am don't expect it to happen too soon!

blackhuff said...

Can we see a new pic of the new haircut?
Sorry to hear that you are going through such a difficult time. I pray that God will give you the strength and resources to help you.

Lynette said...

Yup...with Shayne here...go private and then you don't have to whisper at all.

Sterkte with the men and flu...the two usually don't go well together;-)

cat said...

Oh - I want to see the hair and the best of luck with two sick men in the house.

Break a leg to your two little actresses.

Fiona said...

I hope the concert is a huge success and all the little actors and actresses have a ball :)

Yay for oversea's holiday trips. We're leaving for Thailand in 2 weeks...without the kids too!