10 August 2011

Corporal Punishment?

All the carnage happening in London has sparked fiery debate around how the youth are out of control and how discipline is non existent and disrepect is viral.

Yes, I agree with it all but the call for corporate punishment to be re-instated in schools is so NOT the answer in my humble opinion.

Teachers are not responsible for raising respectful, polite and well-balanced kids. The parent are responsible for this. End of story.

Corporal punishment doesnt work. Just like handing out hidings on a regular basis at home doesnt work. Kids need to care. They need to be given a reason and a motivation to care. About themselves, their futures and those of the people around them.

I would be seriously hacked off if anybody hit my kids. I dont condone that and am glad it has been banned. I remember a particular teacher taking a dislike to a mate of mine at school and he got jacked at least once a week, just because. Its not on.

Teachers need to communicate with the parents. (and most do) PARENTS NEED TO TAKE ACTION. The problem, as I see it, is a breakdown in family values and strong family units.

Please note that this post was written 'off the cuff' in about 5 minutes before I fly out the door....sparked by a conversation on Cape Talk!!

What are your thoughts on this issue?   (please note I am not wanting to spark a discussion on the London issue here okay?)


Ness said...

If there's a debate around corporal punishment - I haven't heard it (yet). I wouldn't condone anyone laying a finger on my kid either. Things seemed to have calmed down now too. People here are *so* hacked off/embarrassed about what happened. The good thing is that it's brought people together - not sure if you guys saw the crowds of people armed with brooms, bags and gloves cleaning up London this morning - gosh it brought a tear my dry old eye balls :)

Anonymous said...

Allie says:

I couldn't agree more about teachers not being allowed to hit children.
I twice went to schools like a raging lion on behalf of my kids who had been hit there (one so seriously he couldn't sit down! And for no better reason than he was English speaking and his Afrikaans speaking teacher hated English people!)

I agree that parents need to step up ito discipline.
Sometimes it seems to me that
young parents are a little afraid of their children?
Or afraid of damaging them emotionally if they take too strong a line?
Is there any truth in this perception, do you think?

cat said...

I agree 100% with you Mel - the buck stops with you that is the parent. Not with the school. And I certainly do not want them to hit my child.

MomAgain@40 said...

Totally agree. Corporal punishment does not work! It is all about raising children with empathy towards other people, taking responsibility for their own actions and having hope for the future! The buck stops with me, and if I get a negative feedback about my child's behaviour, I need to do an inspection of my own parenting... Not blame the system or school!

blackhuff said...

I don't feel the same. Corporal punishment have worked in the past and so did hidings at home - I believe that hidings was the thing that formed me into a good teenager/adult. I was never abused by any teacher or parent but I do believe that hidings have helped me in forming me. (No pun intended - just my opinion.)

MelB said...

@ Allie - yes I do believe parents have gotten soft these days. they are very concerned that any wrong move could muck up their child pysche!

@Blackhuff - thats cool, clearly it worked for you. all to often I have seen corporal punishment turn children into silent, angry and resentful people. Not remorseful. I have found quite a few useful alternatives that have reaped rewards.(although I do spank very occasionally) Spanking at home is one thing but HEAVEN HELP the person outside my home that lays a hand on my kid! ;-)

Stefanie said...

I will agree to disagree, my kids are older and I decline to "make them" obey the rules at school when the teachers and headmaster don't enforce them. We have girls dyeing their hair, wearing makeup, piercings in their faces and they are never sent home or taken to task. Why should I ensure my son's hair is short when the headmaster lets it go?

Laura said...

I dont know Mel! On the one hand I agree that if anyone touched my kids I would do them serious bodily harm!

BUT look at how we were when we were in school and corporal punishment existed (mainly for boys) - we behaved. We listened. We feared our teachers (in a good way) - yes kids did still misbehave etc but not on the level they do today. We were respectful to the teachers - have you heard some kids speaking to teachers and adults in general? It is SHOCKING!

So yes I agree as parents we are responsible but maybe we need to give the teachers more power again?

Kirsty said...

Discipline starts at home.... yes, I agree. But it HAS to be followed through at school. As Stefanie says, whats the point of ramming home something, when the headmaster turns a blind eye to it? Conservative, disciplined schooling - that which instills discipline, manners and respect - that is what is needed. No smacking needed at school - but punishment? Oh hell yes!

MelB said...

Well said Kirsty - with you 100%! I am all for strict discipline and giving teachers the power to enforce it but I dont believe that equates to corporal punishment at all.

Ordinarylife said...

I totally agree that discipline starts at home. Parents need to parent and to teach the kids respect. Respect for themselves, their parents and their teachers.
I would not want my daughter getting hit at school.

christa said...

I did find myself say just the other day that I think hidings should come back to the classroom. I often help in a class with 32 boys and oh boy!!!! The teacher has to go through 5 ways of disciplining them simply to get 32 boys to try and listen to an instruction. I really thought a hiding from time to time will produce better results.....

Michele said...

Interesting post, Mel, and interesting comments. I was raised with corporal punishment and am totally opposed to it. Fear is a horrible way to shape behavior; it might work in the short-term but creates huge problems in the long-term, i.e. cycle of violence. Punishments, yes; violence, no.

Joanne said...

We had corporal punishment in my day at school in SA and I had my share of it and I cant say it did me any harm but the teacher sending me out of the class for the entire term of maths - thats is punishment - long term!! so I think a ruler occasionally doesnt hurt.