01 August 2011

Done n Dusted

I am very pleased to say I have finally ticked off all those annoying checks one has to do when one is, um, over 25 or something....

  1. Dentist
  2. Gynae 
  3. Mammogram
  4. Dermotologist
  5. Vitality (blood pressure, glucose, cholestrol)

Anything I have missed that I should be doing?

I think I should now do some fun stuff....hmmm.... a massage would certainly not go amiss.

Are you diligent in getting all your bits checked out annually?  :-)


Marcelle said...

Well done on getting yourself checked...
I'm afraid I cant say the same as hate all the above.

Lynette said...

Well done...must say that has been on my "to do" list for a long time now:-(

Pamela said...

I am pretty good about doing them all annually, except the dentist- VERY bad about that one.

And I have never been for a mammogram. My doc "checks" them out every time I go for a pap smear. Hopefully thats enough.

Ness at Drovers Run said...


1. No.
2. Yes.
3. Not old enough yet (HAH! Take that!)
4. No.
5. Yes.

As for 1, yes I know I have to get my pearly yellow's sorted out stat. As for 4, I saw a GP to check out something that was concerning me and he gave me the all clear.

I usually get everything done annually, but over here - until I hit the big 4-0, it's only required every 3 years, not that that is going to stop me though...hmmm.

cat said...

I need to go for a mammogram - the rest is checked.

MelB said...

@ Ness...i am not old enough to require a mamm either...I do it because I want to be extra careful. More and more YOUNG woman are cancer sufferers these days and I cannot understand WHY they dont bring the screening age DOWN.

Kirsty said...

Good for you Mel. My 38 year old friend was recently diagnosed with advanced breast cancer. She is going through hell with hectic chemo, then will have a mastectomy, then radial therapy and then a reconstruction. All this could have been prevented had it been picked up with a mammo.... But as she's under 40, she hadn't had one. Soooo - you are right... And that all being said: I need to go and book myself a mammo :) all the other stuff I have done x

Shayne said...

Yup, was recently checked on all the above, bar the dentist whcih is happening is a weeks time.

i went for my first mammo @ 35. You can never start checking too early imho.

blackhuff said...

You did great with all your checkups. I am very diligent when it comes to yearly checkups. I don't let them go by because of how important they are.

Anonymous said...

Allie says:

Its a great feeling to have all those things behind you, isnt it?
Enjoy whatever fun stuff you decide to treat yourself with