02 August 2011

Lunchtime Conversations

We had some interesting chats today after school. We like to talk about our *highs n lows* of the day - it often sparks some highly entertaining conversations or snippets.

Lulu was telling me stories about her classmates and then adds:

 "and J is also quite off the hook at school Mom!" 

Hooli was recollecting some stories and then I heard him referring to a "Pitsniffer"!
Well, we are highly anti-namecalling in this house but I almost collapsed with laughter. Seriously, that has to be one for the books!

Young Honey had a few *moments* today where she engaged in some less than stellar language.
 The first infraction "I dont give a damn" resulted in Tobasco which made not a shred of difference as she appears to be immune to its bite.

Later she referred to a sibling as a Smart Arse so I decided to revert to good old washing out the mouth with soap.

I wish I could say it was a success but it was more like a comedy side-show with my rubbing down her tongue with soap; Hooli and Lulu looking on in wonder and Honey herself in fits of giggles. I have to confess it was all too much for me and I relented and joined in laughing at the ridiculousness of it all! Some things are seriously not for this millenium.

What made you laugh today?


Hayley said...

So funny, these kids of yours....

Stefanie said...

Don't you find these snippets and quips come at such a rate you forget so many of them? How did your week in the life go?

Stefanie said...

PS I found white pepper to be the best.

cat said...

This is actually hysterical! We had bookclub last night and one of the members had her birthday - but as next Tuesday is a public holiday, she agreed to have it on her birthday. The lady that hosted actually threw her a kiddies party, complete with cupcakes and Sponge Bob party packs for use. I am still giggling about it all.

Anonymous said...

Allie says:

I can just imagine the scene -
Of course you know that if you laugh with them you're dead in the water!?
Question is: what can you do thats scary enough for her to stop the stuff?

blackhuff said...

I can imagine how much laughter that created with washing out the mouth :)