09 August 2011

Online Thrift Swap - Round 1

I recently stumbled upon what I think is an awesome idea....apparently it all started with Exmi but I found out about it over at Gina's place.

Basically we all have things in our cupboards that we dont wear anymore or things that still have tags on them, you know the ones, the ‘must have’ sale item that you never wear, the jersey you bought and only wore once, the shoes that looked so amazing but, well, you never ever wear them!

You may not want those items anymore but someone else might. So I do present to you my introductory items! Ideally I am keen to swap items but if you dont have anything to swop you can make me an offer!

 1. Jay-Jays little flippy tiered skirt. Very cute but I may be over the acceptable age limit to be prancing around in this. Size 10. Sits on hips.

2. Mr Price - very cute little dress or can be worn over leggings etc. Made of soft stretch material. I love this but its a bit tight across my chest area so I tend to walk hunched over....not a good look! Size Medium

 3. Mr Price batwing cardi. I LOVE this but it simply drowns me. Its a size SMALL but seriously its quite roomy. I would put this at a large 36/38. Its lovely and soft and very flattering.

4. Sketchers slip-ons. Brand new. A gift from my DH when he went to London. Not my vibe though. TAKEN

Play along - pop over to EXMI and let her know you are keen and lets get swapping!


Marcelle said...

I had a similar pair of shoes and wore them to death...the rubber underneath wore off, so comfortable...tried to find a pair to replace them but could not find one's with a top section I liked.

Stefanie said...

Pity you're so much smaller than me. Good luck with your swap. PS don't think you're too old for the skirt!

Shayne said...

I love the grey dress. If it was an L i'd swop you.

Must actually go thru my clothes, i have 2 bags of stuff I was going to give to my nanny.

best i get sorting x

Kirsty said...

I want the grey thing. I dont have an ample chest that will get in the way ;)
In fact - I have the perfect swap for you... swap for swap, kay?? Mines designer doll, with a friggin designer tag... and I've NEVER worn the darn thing cos its too low cut for my non-existant cleavage. Its oh so pretty tho... wanna see a piccie?

MelB said...

Great stuff Kirst - am in! Would love to see a pic of the dress (score for me, designer nogal!) Will pop it in the post for ya.

Joanne said...

Here we call them swish parties and we have one at work once a year and is attended by the elite gentry and the wealthy so I am looking forward to it - funnily enough it is in Oct Mel

Lynette said...

Love the idea...but I'm way to old to even think of any of these items;-)