11 August 2011

Parentals and Siblings

On Womens Day I went and had breakfast with my parents and my siblings. Just us. No spouses, no children, no grandparents. Just the 6 of us. Cannot remember when last it was just the 6 of us around a table. I think it may have been in the days of when my youngest boet and I still used to hide our peas under the gem squash shell.

It was pretty cool really. I have an amazing family. We are thick as thieves. That is not to say we dont have FALL DOWN DISAGREEMENTS, trust me, we do! Thankfully they are usually rather explosive but resolved within days.

This is us. I am third in the ranking. Its a weird place to be in birth order...books dont cover that really. I am not first, middle or last. :-)

What is your family relationship like?

Go here to read Allies (my mom) post about the breakfast.


Fiona said...

It’s great having a close family knit. You guys look so happy in the photo’s!

I’m the oldest of two sisters. We are 18 months apart and the three of us including my mom have a wonderful relationship. I’m very grateful for them.

blackhuff said...

What a nice thing to do - just you as a family (gesin) of 6. Glad you all enjoyed it so much. I too can't remember when we 4 have sat around the table. Just us. Don't think that will ever happen though.

MacLeod House said...

Nice to have good relationships with sibs. As for the "where you rank" thing, you can at least claim "middle" and "youngest" child issues! ;)

cat said...

Brilliant photos - I so wish I had this - brothers and a sister and both parents.

IF you read the birth order book you are a middle child unless the spacing between you and no 2 or 4 is substantial in which case you can be an oldest or youngest

Ordinarylife said...

Very cool.

Laura said...

So lovely :)

We are close but my parents and brother are in Cape Town :( which sucks!!

PS - the brother with the stripey shirt looks like my computer guy :-p

Kirsty said...

Hey... I am from a verrry close tribe... the youngest of 4 girls :)
Love it.... sigh - you say "the 6 of us"... that sounds so nice, cos we haven't be a 6 for a very long time now :(

Marcelle said...

I love family gathers..and so lovely you could do this without the rest of the family...Just THE first family before you all breeded like rabbits...hehehehe

Wendy said...

Awesome ... and wow, I thought your mom was one of your sisters, she looks fabulous.

Second and third children in a four family usually both show sign of middle child syndrome - I'm living with two middle kids right now, it's interesting. I was curious coming from a set of four and having a set, so I asked my friend about it and he said that it's common for the two middle kids to both show signs ;-)

Gorgeous family y'all are.


Lynette said...

Wow...it must be in the genes;-)

You are really a handsome family. We often get together with our sons for breakfast...and it is wonderful.

Jeannie said...

Stunning pics Mel. You all have the same mouth.

Hey I am also third in the rankings and have some theroies on it... would love to hear some of your thoughts on it too.

There is actually a book about family positioning... very interesting. I must still get it.