30 September 2011

One month Four Haircuts!

What a crazy month it has been in terms of hair.  First off, you should know I am not precious about my hair. It grows like weeds so I mess with it without much concern.

This was early September, I was hating my hair so decided to cut a fringe, texturise and layer the sides.
I began hating the short fringe and looong hair. Thought it made my face look even longer.
Decided I wanted to cut it around shoulder level. Took this picture to my hairdresser.
My hairdresser, bless her, talked me out of it. In fact, refused to cut it so short and instead did this.
Short, choppy layers on top  and long bits.
Not really suitable for Mam Long Narrow Face!
I went back the next day to ask her to cut more off the length because it felt unbalanced to me. She cut maybe an inch
and sent me packing!
I went straight from her salon to another one down the road that many of my mates use. I booked a 2pm appointment and cut my hair AGAIN that very same day.  I am very happy with the result.

So this is TODAY!
It does need 3-5minutes attention in the mornings/after showering but I love the layered, short, sharp look. I am still wanting the top to grow out a bit but all in good time!

29 September 2011

Things I have achieved this week:

  1. Booked to see an ENT for Hooli’s tonsilectomy, hope to do it when we home from UK
  2. Cancelled swimming from end of October. We have a pool and summer is here, yay!
  3. Chucked out mountains of my and my kids clothes – all winter stuff that wont be worn next year.
  4. Taken the dog to the vet – innoculations etc before she is kennelled for our trip.
  5. Set a new personal best time for a 5km run.
  6. Started reading 2 new books. Life of Pi and Surprised by Hope.
  7. Cut my hair. No less than 3 times in the last 5 days. Seriously.
  8. Coloured my hair. Only once though. :-)
  9. Taught Lulu how to make me a perfect cup of tea.
  10. Taken my kids on a picnic.
  11. Played Rounders in the garden.
  12. Gone for family walks in the evenings with dog.
  13. Braai-ed and gardened.
  14. Mentally making lists for the UK trip next week.
  15. Pondered and cried and laughed and reflected
And its only Wednesday people! Just think what I could to by Friday? ;-)

28 September 2011

ChildLike Fun

This past weekend we celebrated Heritage Day in South Africa. It was a spectacular weekend and we spent most of it outdoors, that is, except for when we were supporting our Bokke. The kids have really become engrossed in the spirit of the World Cup!

We lit the fire, threw on some meat and played ‘Pin the Tail on the Donkey’ much to the delight of the kids.

I dont actually *play* with my kids like this very often. Sure, I am around but I tend to let them entertain themselves or each other. It is a rare treat for them to have me actually join in their games! (I also played rounders yesterday – that was awesome fun!) I would like to be more animated and begin to try enter their world a bit more. Tough for some of us adults to just remember how to have childlike fun hey?
We also really needed our pool solar blanket to get a good scrubbing so set the kids to *work*. At first there was much grumbling as to why they had to clean it…until they realised the entertaiment opportunities!

Hello summer. Thank you for showing up!

27 September 2011

Lets look back...

Remember this post? 

Back  when simplicity was my goal and I was making small subtle changes to change our lives? I decided to check in and see how I am faring with my ‘Steps to Change’.

I have come to realise that living a simple life is very complicated. And it takes serious commitment. It is so easy to become sucked back into everything that you despise yet seem to gravitate towards daily.
The most notable fall down area is television.  I have blocked the kid drivel, again. NIp it in the bud as it is now school holidays!
The other is facebook. I love and I hate facebook. The most recent discovery I have made is that it steals my blogfodder. Instead of blogging an event/moment/thought I “status” it in a few lines.  This is not right. So many moments have been lost to fb no-mans land. Not any more.
I am also not reading to my kids. I think because the girls love to read so much I just leave them to it. I should be reading to Hooli but he is resistant.  I do believe he would love it if he could just “forget” he has a rugby/soccer/tennis ball! At night he loves to listen to story cds/tapes – even Beatrix Potter delights him so I think I can well build a love for reading in my little man yet.
I just feel like I am spending my time UNWISELY. It niggles at me and makes me twitchy.
Do you ever feel like this?

26 September 2011

Blog Mojo

The mojo.

Where does it go?

Sometimes blogging seems so ridiculous. And then I glance over at my shelf and see all my blog books from the last 4yrs and I remember why I do this. For them, the little people who live with me.
Somehow it seems I had so much more to say when my kids were very young.

They used to do funny things, drive me crazy, keep me up at night,  be utterly cute and someone was always milestoning. Nowadays they are pretty normal functioning mini people. They still say crazy things occasionally, which I do blog, they still do interesting things and all that but somehow it *feels* different.

I think, back then, I used blogging as a form of release. To ease my mind, my nerves and to preserve my sanity. (and brain functioning)
Today I dont need it as much as I did then.
I hope I am able to sustain writing, for them, my kids because I know they will miss it if I stop.

22 September 2011

We finally did it!

My man and I have been wanting to run together for ages. But our schedules are impossible, he cant run during the week and on weekends one of us generally has to stay with the kids.
I bought him a Garmin for his birthday!
Walking the uphill
This morning he decided to work from home. I took this opportunity to coax him into a little trail run and how awesome it was. Granted, time was off the essence so we only had 40mins to spend together but it was wonderful to finally make a start on something we both value.
We have asked our char to come in at 8am on Saturday for 2 hours so we can try run every Saturday morning together.
I must confess the route I chose today was wildly ambitious. I was clearly severely misinformed as it was a very steep uphill for the first 2km….while I can run forever on flat/downhills my uphill endurance is revolting.

I am pretty sure my man (who has built-in fitness) found it highly amusing that his so-called fit wife was puffing and panting like a steam engine!  Thankfully he is gracious enough to not comment!
We finished up and nipped into M&B to get ‘refreshments’ and headed for home!
Cappucino for and Lemon stinger for him
Fantastic way to start our days!

12 September 2011

Weekend Pictorial

It has been yet another full weekend - full of activity yet restful at the same time. Just the way I like it!


Started with an early morning family hike along the Slangkop route with the school. They have a hiking club which meets once a month so we decided to join them this morning. It was an easy 5km trail (which looks awesome for running!) with the most spectacular views as your reward.

The afternoon was spent birthday shopping for my man and we also managed to sneak a movie in - saw Super 8 - entertaining but missable. It was the only movie on in the timeslot we had available.

By evening I was feeling pretty darn shitty; convinced that I was going to wake up with flu or something. 


My guys' birthday.  Presents and tea and all things celebratory. I then pulled myself outta bed and laid on a rather elaborate (by my standards) breakfast for us and some friends.

We watched the rugby (nailbiting stuff) and then headed out to go for a short hike to the Silvermine waterfall. What an exquisite sight that is - we are so enjoying getting outdoors as often as possible to explore the beauty on our doorstep.

Hooli checking out the route with Dad

The views took my breath away.

You can see Slangkop lighthouse

Its magical at this waterfall, kids were enthralled!

Happy birthday family shot for my man!

Good times with great friends.

The mandatory *in front of sign* shot! ;-)

And that, my friends, was my weekend!

09 September 2011

Conversation with Lulu

This conversation took place at about 0730 this morning as I was throwing bits into lunchboxes.

Me:  Lulu, do you want a yoghurt with your lunch today?

Lulu : (looks at me and wrinkles her nose while smiling slightly) Not today Mom, thanks though.


Lulu: You know Mom sometimes the yoghurts spurts a bit when I open it. And sometimes it messes a bit on the floor at school. And its really embarrasing because the big kids come past and say 'Who did this?'  I just wait til they go away and then I run to the bathroom and get some loo paper and wipe it up.


She told me this story quite nonchalantly, she isnt traumatised or upset. It is what it is. I cant remember what I said to her in response but it was something good and affirming blah blah BUT it the conversation has stewed in my brain this morning.

Do you remember your school days? Anything specific that sticks in your mind? 

I vividly remember, after being teased relentlessly by a Grade 7 girl (i was in Gr 5) saying to her:
"you think you are so sophisticated"  

but I had just got braces fitted and I fluffed the word 'sophisticated' and until the end of that year, whenever she saw me, she would taunt me with "oh here comes Miss sofith-sofith-sofithiscasted"!

Almost 29 years later I still remember that defining moment in my life.

08 September 2011

Boring Post Alert

It has been a productive week, probably because I am spending less time online. ;-) Or maybe just because it's spring and that always gets me motivated to sort my life out.

In the last 2 days I have accomplished the following:

  • Sorted out various extramural stuff that has been hanging around on my to-do list
  • Visas approved
  • Took my garmin hrm in for repair
  • Sorted out and purchased my Wild Card
  • Bought new cable and switch to connect dvd, media player and wii to tv with switch for easy toggling
  • Sourced a pair of fab trail running shoes after my feet got destroyed by my basic Adidas tekkies.

  • Shopped and shipped goodies for gift swap organised by Harassed Mom
  • Bought birthday presents for myriad of little people parties.

The nagging thing is that it is my mans birthday on Sunday and I am *clueless* as to what to get for him. I have arranged for some mates to come for brekky with us and then we are obviously going to watch the rugby...and then if the weather plays along I was thinking of going hiking. (yes, he likes hiking okay!)

We did go see Nik Rabinowitz last night and he loved that (Nik is flipping amazing!) I may try organise another comedy evening for us.

Anyyyyyyway. I am now off to a local Mamman Temple to do arb stuff like pharmacy and post office and telkom. *swoon*.  Hold me back, I am *so* excited.

06 September 2011

Natural Photograpy Shoot

Three little monkeys - getting very grown up.

We blew this up onto canvas A1 size!

Just a few for now - will post more over the next few days. Such beautiful images - thank you to Werner at Natural Photography!

05 September 2011

Kids Observations

I recently received an iPad as a gift from my generous husband. Let the record show that I neither whined, nor begged nor hinted that I would like one but the man knows me too well.

I have to say it has exceeded my expectations. It is definitely my favourite toy, like ever. This has clearly be observed as Hooli said to me last night:

Mom, have you bonded with your iPad?

Yes, yes and yes. I have dear lad.


It was about 18h30 last night and I was still in my pilates kit. Sweat pants, tank top and trainers. Hair in a ponytail. Cute if you are 16. Or apparently cute if you are married to my man who indicated great approval at my *look*.  Honey, not looking up from the iPhone game she was playing, casually remarks without malice:

Dad always thinks you look good, no matter what. It doesnt actually mean you do.

Well, thanks for that love!


I do so love my kids. Little walking truth-tellers.

September Plans

Recently I have come across some very organised people in blogland who have posted their goals or to-do lists for September. The thinking is that with it *out there* the potential is greater that you may tick off more items on your list than if they were in your head.

Not sure if that is going to work for me. Am not a natural list maker. When I do make lists I either lose them, forget them on the counter or ignore them.

I am going to take part though because I think having a record each month of some of the things I hope to achieve may be pretty darn cool in the years to come. I may even create an annual mini album of my entries. Or not. But the idea is noted. :-)



  • I am very social so dont really ever need to plan this side of my life. As a SAHM I have plenty of opportunity to catch up with many of my mates during the week.
  • Dinner with Nik Rabinowitz (not really, its dinner theatre) 7/9
  • Movies weekly (before our local cinemas close at end Sept *sob*)


  • Pilates once a week. I have taken my exercise commitment to *slow down* very seriously as you can see by this new addition to my weekly routine.
  • PT - twice a week.
  • Swimming once a week.
  • Running - twice during the week (shorter runs)
  • Saturday mornings - longer, more challenging trail run


  • Hiking or something active every weekend.
  • Enrol Lulu for riding again.
  • Find out about drumming for Honey.
  • Take Hooligan to check out Judo.
  • Start thinking about and planning DH's birthday 
  • Sort summer clothes out for all of us.
  • Chore charts to be finalised.


  • Collect UK visa
  • Make schedule for mom /sister for kids while I am in UK
  • Make goodie boxes for kids for while I am in UK
  • Back up all photos
  • Update iTunes and apps on Touch and Pad
  • Post off gift swap items.
  • Reorganise/declutter family/craft/computer room. 
  • Decide on 2 other photos to be printed to canvas
  • Print photos for Glimpses of 2011 album

Lets see how much I get done....and if I ever read this again. ;-)

04 September 2011

Well-Lived Weekend

It has been a full and enjoyable weekend. It went a bit like this:

Saturday morning found me trail running with my cohorts. Thanks to L  (pictured below) for organising and rallying everyone each week - it has really become a highlight for me. Quite something to be up and running by 0815 on a Saturday morning!

Saturday lunchtime found my family hiking up to Elephants Eye in the Silvermine Reserve. Running has shown me so many beautiful places so I am so eager to take my whole family and share the beauty with them. The kids were phenomenal - they all walked (some wanted to RUN the whole way....) with very little moaning and groaning. Lulu skipped, danced and twirled her way up and down the mountain. It was a very rewarding experience.

Saturday afternoon was a very special time for me. My dear sweet Lulu at the ripe age of 7 went to a birthday party. For many years we have had to graciously decline invitations (unless a VERY close friend) as she just did not enjoy the unpredicatability of parties.

This particular afternoon she went to a BOY party (she is practically allergic to boys!) and dressed up like a pirate! I did not know my child - she was a total hooligan and declared it the best party EVER. Cannot tell you how that made my day! She has another party next friday....much excitement!

Sunday morn found us hanging out with friends and then we slept Sunday afternoon away while the kids did whatever kids do when grownups sleep!

How was your weekend?

03 September 2011

Kidsummer Nights Dream

Well the show has come and gone. Months and months of preparation and in 2 shows its all over. As Lulu remarked today :

"I wish we could do the play again Mom, its like a piece of my heart is gone forever."

She is her fathers' child - sentimental to the core.

My two beauties - Puck and Chincherinchee

Although we were not allowed to take photographs I am happy to be mates with Mr T who, also in the front row, brazenly snapped away (sans flash) . His two kids are in all the same scenes as my two kids - how convenient! Thank Mr T!

Hearing Honey sing solo for the first time made me tear up.

Lulu in green top and white skirt

One of the stars of the show - Aunty L gave her these beautiful flowers.

 I was exceptionally proud of both my kids - they were phenomenal and way exceeded my expectations. The second night it was storming outside - howling gales, pouring rain on a tin roof made it incredibly difficult for them to speak over the racket. The kids were mic'd mid-performance and went on without skipping a beat - little professionals!

01 September 2011

Interrupted Transmission

Quick update :

  • Visa application went smoothly, hope to have them next week.
  • Girls concert matinee was wonderful yesterday. Tonight is the main show which will be filmed so there is much excitement.
  • No photos/videoing allowed as it all being done professionally. Boo. I wanted to be able to share!
  • Husband and father-in-law on the mend.
  • My darling man surprised me with a beautiful white iPad2. Beyond ecstatic.
  • I exercising regularly and loving it again. 
  • This weekend doesnt look too busy - i love that. Opportunity to fill it with wonderful friends and family.

Gotta dash - off to fetch kids and head out for lunch with Grandpa and DH for lunch - a rare midday treat as Grandpa heads back to Nam tomoro.