26 September 2011

Blog Mojo

The mojo.

Where does it go?

Sometimes blogging seems so ridiculous. And then I glance over at my shelf and see all my blog books from the last 4yrs and I remember why I do this. For them, the little people who live with me.
Somehow it seems I had so much more to say when my kids were very young.

They used to do funny things, drive me crazy, keep me up at night,  be utterly cute and someone was always milestoning. Nowadays they are pretty normal functioning mini people. They still say crazy things occasionally, which I do blog, they still do interesting things and all that but somehow it *feels* different.

I think, back then, I used blogging as a form of release. To ease my mind, my nerves and to preserve my sanity. (and brain functioning)
Today I dont need it as much as I did then.
I hope I am able to sustain writing, for them, my kids because I know they will miss it if I stop.

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