08 September 2011

Boring Post Alert

It has been a productive week, probably because I am spending less time online. ;-) Or maybe just because it's spring and that always gets me motivated to sort my life out.

In the last 2 days I have accomplished the following:

  • Sorted out various extramural stuff that has been hanging around on my to-do list
  • Visas approved
  • Took my garmin hrm in for repair
  • Sorted out and purchased my Wild Card
  • Bought new cable and switch to connect dvd, media player and wii to tv with switch for easy toggling
  • Sourced a pair of fab trail running shoes after my feet got destroyed by my basic Adidas tekkies.

  • Shopped and shipped goodies for gift swap organised by Harassed Mom
  • Bought birthday presents for myriad of little people parties.

The nagging thing is that it is my mans birthday on Sunday and I am *clueless* as to what to get for him. I have arranged for some mates to come for brekky with us and then we are obviously going to watch the rugby...and then if the weather plays along I was thinking of going hiking. (yes, he likes hiking okay!)

We did go see Nik Rabinowitz last night and he loved that (Nik is flipping amazing!) I may try organise another comedy evening for us.

Anyyyyyyway. I am now off to a local Mamman Temple to do arb stuff like pharmacy and post office and telkom. *swoon*.  Hold me back, I am *so* excited.


cat said...

Oh you got a lot done! Those shoes look great.

blackhuff said...

Those shoes are great. Stunning.
Like Cat said, you got a lot done this week. Wow!

Joanne said...

I wanted to see Nik before we left and didnt - oh well will have to book him for my next comedy night hehe

Shayne said...

Head over to my blog for boring post no 2!

Those trail shoes are divine - hope that you get many happy trails out of them.

Men seem less fussed about their birthdays don't you think - i always find that i want to do something for D and then he's like 'ok, whatever'!

Marcia (123 blog) said...

You're a true energiser bunny :)

What is your husband's love language? That could give us an idea of gifts...

otherwise it sounds perfect to me - quality time with loved ones and food :)

Lynette said...

I love your name for malls...might just use it myself. I get just as exited about visiting them:(

Lovely shoes...I need to get a new pair too.