28 September 2011

ChildLike Fun

This past weekend we celebrated Heritage Day in South Africa. It was a spectacular weekend and we spent most of it outdoors, that is, except for when we were supporting our Bokke. The kids have really become engrossed in the spirit of the World Cup!

We lit the fire, threw on some meat and played ‘Pin the Tail on the Donkey’ much to the delight of the kids.

I dont actually *play* with my kids like this very often. Sure, I am around but I tend to let them entertain themselves or each other. It is a rare treat for them to have me actually join in their games! (I also played rounders yesterday – that was awesome fun!) I would like to be more animated and begin to try enter their world a bit more. Tough for some of us adults to just remember how to have childlike fun hey?
We also really needed our pool solar blanket to get a good scrubbing so set the kids to *work*. At first there was much grumbling as to why they had to clean it…until they realised the entertaiment opportunities!

Hello summer. Thank you for showing up!

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