09 September 2011

Conversation with Lulu

This conversation took place at about 0730 this morning as I was throwing bits into lunchboxes.

Me:  Lulu, do you want a yoghurt with your lunch today?

Lulu : (looks at me and wrinkles her nose while smiling slightly) Not today Mom, thanks though.


Lulu: You know Mom sometimes the yoghurts spurts a bit when I open it. And sometimes it messes a bit on the floor at school. And its really embarrasing because the big kids come past and say 'Who did this?'  I just wait til they go away and then I run to the bathroom and get some loo paper and wipe it up.


She told me this story quite nonchalantly, she isnt traumatised or upset. It is what it is. I cant remember what I said to her in response but it was something good and affirming blah blah BUT it the conversation has stewed in my brain this morning.

Do you remember your school days? Anything specific that sticks in your mind? 

I vividly remember, after being teased relentlessly by a Grade 7 girl (i was in Gr 5) saying to her:
"you think you are so sophisticated"  

but I had just got braces fitted and I fluffed the word 'sophisticated' and until the end of that year, whenever she saw me, she would taunt me with "oh here comes Miss sofith-sofith-sofithiscasted"!

Almost 29 years later I still remember that defining moment in my life.


blackhuff said...

There are so many many moments like these I had in my school years and that is perhaps why I still hate school. Because of how unpleasant kids made the school experience.
Glad your girl is not traumatized by it. She rather sounds so grown-up

cat said...

Oh my gosh, yes! We all have those. But Lulu is taking it so well! mom you have bred excellent confidence.

Anonymous said...

Allie says:

Oh my WORD Mel -
I have a nearly identical memory
: I was 10 and staying with my (same age) cousin in Hermanus.
We had to spend the morning with one of her close friends -
Actually this is a long story - I will do a post about it and link it to yours, k?

Lynette said...

Oy...that really brings back memories...and very few of them good. I am amazed that Lulu handled it in such a mature way and I am sure that the affirmation she received from you were just what she needed.

Stefanie said...

I learnt to lie at school and shift the blame, much easier there than at home, where I was the only one.

Lea White said...

Sounds like Lulu is dealing with it in such a great way. Not letting them get to her. In my high school everybody else's parents were doctors and lawyers and so on and my mum was a bank teller. I dreaded when the discussions went on about pocket money or when it was "sivvie" day at school.