01 September 2011

Interrupted Transmission

Quick update :

  • Visa application went smoothly, hope to have them next week.
  • Girls concert matinee was wonderful yesterday. Tonight is the main show which will be filmed so there is much excitement.
  • No photos/videoing allowed as it all being done professionally. Boo. I wanted to be able to share!
  • Husband and father-in-law on the mend.
  • My darling man surprised me with a beautiful white iPad2. Beyond ecstatic.
  • I exercising regularly and loving it again. 
  • This weekend doesnt look too busy - i love that. Opportunity to fill it with wonderful friends and family.

Gotta dash - off to fetch kids and head out for lunch with Grandpa and DH for lunch - a rare midday treat as Grandpa heads back to Nam tomoro.


blackhuff said...

You sound so happy :)
Yay for new iPad2. Enjoy. Photos please.

cat said...

Oh I would love that ipad2! All sounds fine and happy - enjoy!

Caroline said...

Everything sounds good in the five drive family then! Lucky girl re ipad2 xx

Marcelle said...

All good news from your household.
how you finding the Ipad2...???
I love to use mine in the morning while lying in bed...the rest of the day its my computer for me...:)

Vanessa said...

White ipad 2.
Empty weekend to be filled with friends and family? (Duh - to be filled with eyeball time on the white ipad 2!).

Also - coming back to you this morning on *that thing* now that it's day 2 for the kids at school and normality is returning...

Shayne said...

Very cool husband you have.

Glad to hear that the kiddies concert was a roaring success

Happy Weekend.

Lynette said...

With Shayne...he is way cool;-)

You sound happy and busy.