05 September 2011

Kids Observations

I recently received an iPad as a gift from my generous husband. Let the record show that I neither whined, nor begged nor hinted that I would like one but the man knows me too well.

I have to say it has exceeded my expectations. It is definitely my favourite toy, like ever. This has clearly be observed as Hooli said to me last night:

Mom, have you bonded with your iPad?

Yes, yes and yes. I have dear lad.


It was about 18h30 last night and I was still in my pilates kit. Sweat pants, tank top and trainers. Hair in a ponytail. Cute if you are 16. Or apparently cute if you are married to my man who indicated great approval at my *look*.  Honey, not looking up from the iPhone game she was playing, casually remarks without malice:

Dad always thinks you look good, no matter what. It doesnt actually mean you do.

Well, thanks for that love!


I do so love my kids. Little walking truth-tellers.


I'm so not a blogger said...

How did Pilates go? did you enjoy it?

and yes, they are little truth tellers:-)

christa said...

aaaaaaaaw thats the coollest comments, those treasures hey Mel!!!! Called kids!! XXX

blackhuff said...

I also love it when truth like these. come out of my children's mouths.

cat said...

LOL! A clever one!

Lynette said...

Why they always have to burst our bubbles;-)