03 September 2011

Kidsummer Nights Dream

Well the show has come and gone. Months and months of preparation and in 2 shows its all over. As Lulu remarked today :

"I wish we could do the play again Mom, its like a piece of my heart is gone forever."

She is her fathers' child - sentimental to the core.

My two beauties - Puck and Chincherinchee

Although we were not allowed to take photographs I am happy to be mates with Mr T who, also in the front row, brazenly snapped away (sans flash) . His two kids are in all the same scenes as my two kids - how convenient! Thank Mr T!

Hearing Honey sing solo for the first time made me tear up.

Lulu in green top and white skirt

One of the stars of the show - Aunty L gave her these beautiful flowers.

 I was exceptionally proud of both my kids - they were phenomenal and way exceeded my expectations. The second night it was storming outside - howling gales, pouring rain on a tin roof made it incredibly difficult for them to speak over the racket. The kids were mic'd mid-performance and went on without skipping a beat - little professionals!


cat said...

Oh I bet you are so so proud! And you have so much reason to be. Congratulations to you all.

Stefanie said...

Being proud is what we do the best, as Mamas. Great photos and well done to them all.

I'm so not a blogger said...

AAAh moment:-)

Shayne said...

Congrats. Big moment for the whole family x

Lynette said...

I love the pics...thanks Mr T:-D

The little ones always exceed what we expect...way stronger than we think.

Sarah said...

Thought about you loads. We all much better now! So sad we missed it. Arrgh. See you soon.

Heathcote Safari said...

Our hearts were with you the whole way! Glad it went so well. xx

Kirsty said...

well done to your girls! I'm afraid to say that I tear up at the drop of a hat when it comes to my kids x x
PS - I am also verrry sentimental x

allie. said...

They were amazing Mel! No wonder you were so proud. So are we! Hearing Honey sing was so special - she has such an unusual and beautiful voice.
And flip! all those lines she remembered!
And Miss Lulu! Perfect in her role.
A great evening