27 September 2011

Lets look back...

Remember this post? 

Back  when simplicity was my goal and I was making small subtle changes to change our lives? I decided to check in and see how I am faring with my ‘Steps to Change’.

I have come to realise that living a simple life is very complicated. And it takes serious commitment. It is so easy to become sucked back into everything that you despise yet seem to gravitate towards daily.
The most notable fall down area is television.  I have blocked the kid drivel, again. NIp it in the bud as it is now school holidays!
The other is facebook. I love and I hate facebook. The most recent discovery I have made is that it steals my blogfodder. Instead of blogging an event/moment/thought I “status” it in a few lines.  This is not right. So many moments have been lost to fb no-mans land. Not any more.
I am also not reading to my kids. I think because the girls love to read so much I just leave them to it. I should be reading to Hooli but he is resistant.  I do believe he would love it if he could just “forget” he has a rugby/soccer/tennis ball! At night he loves to listen to story cds/tapes – even Beatrix Potter delights him so I think I can well build a love for reading in my little man yet.
I just feel like I am spending my time UNWISELY. It niggles at me and makes me twitchy.
Do you ever feel like this?

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