30 September 2011

One month Four Haircuts!

What a crazy month it has been in terms of hair.  First off, you should know I am not precious about my hair. It grows like weeds so I mess with it without much concern.

This was early September, I was hating my hair so decided to cut a fringe, texturise and layer the sides.
I began hating the short fringe and looong hair. Thought it made my face look even longer.
Decided I wanted to cut it around shoulder level. Took this picture to my hairdresser.
My hairdresser, bless her, talked me out of it. In fact, refused to cut it so short and instead did this.
Short, choppy layers on top  and long bits.
Not really suitable for Mam Long Narrow Face!
I went back the next day to ask her to cut more off the length because it felt unbalanced to me. She cut maybe an inch
and sent me packing!
I went straight from her salon to another one down the road that many of my mates use. I booked a 2pm appointment and cut my hair AGAIN that very same day.  I am very happy with the result.

So this is TODAY!
It does need 3-5minutes attention in the mornings/after showering but I love the layered, short, sharp look. I am still wanting the top to grow out a bit but all in good time!

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ANNE said...

Thanks Mel......love that you share with us and wish we could be there more often!