05 September 2011

September Plans

Recently I have come across some very organised people in blogland who have posted their goals or to-do lists for September. The thinking is that with it *out there* the potential is greater that you may tick off more items on your list than if they were in your head.

Not sure if that is going to work for me. Am not a natural list maker. When I do make lists I either lose them, forget them on the counter or ignore them.

I am going to take part though because I think having a record each month of some of the things I hope to achieve may be pretty darn cool in the years to come. I may even create an annual mini album of my entries. Or not. But the idea is noted. :-)



  • I am very social so dont really ever need to plan this side of my life. As a SAHM I have plenty of opportunity to catch up with many of my mates during the week.
  • Dinner with Nik Rabinowitz (not really, its dinner theatre) 7/9
  • Movies weekly (before our local cinemas close at end Sept *sob*)


  • Pilates once a week. I have taken my exercise commitment to *slow down* very seriously as you can see by this new addition to my weekly routine.
  • PT - twice a week.
  • Swimming once a week.
  • Running - twice during the week (shorter runs)
  • Saturday mornings - longer, more challenging trail run


  • Hiking or something active every weekend.
  • Enrol Lulu for riding again.
  • Find out about drumming for Honey.
  • Take Hooligan to check out Judo.
  • Start thinking about and planning DH's birthday 
  • Sort summer clothes out for all of us.
  • Chore charts to be finalised.


  • Collect UK visa
  • Make schedule for mom /sister for kids while I am in UK
  • Make goodie boxes for kids for while I am in UK
  • Back up all photos
  • Update iTunes and apps on Touch and Pad
  • Post off gift swap items.
  • Reorganise/declutter family/craft/computer room. 
  • Decide on 2 other photos to be printed to canvas
  • Print photos for Glimpses of 2011 album

Lets see how much I get done....and if I ever read this again. ;-)


Shayne said...

U know my feeling about 'putting my stuff out there'. but having done that this morning it has serioiusly triggered something in me. Who knows why but it has. today has been one of the most productive and organised that I've had in a long long time.

so maybe there's something to be said about this all :)

blackhuff said...

Oh no for closing of the local cinemas. Do you know why? Where are you going to go then for movies?
Nice goals.

cat said...

I am so scared to do this - put it out there. Good luck!

Lynette said...

I see all these lists and decided I will not even try...I leave that to my super organised DH!

Marcia (123 blog) said...

Mel, i love that you made a list.

I print mine out and keep it handy so I can glance at it ever-so-often and it can spur me on.

Don't forget to link up to the linky.