29 September 2011

Things I have achieved this week:

  1. Booked to see an ENT for Hooli’s tonsilectomy, hope to do it when we home from UK
  2. Cancelled swimming from end of October. We have a pool and summer is here, yay!
  3. Chucked out mountains of my and my kids clothes – all winter stuff that wont be worn next year.
  4. Taken the dog to the vet – innoculations etc before she is kennelled for our trip.
  5. Set a new personal best time for a 5km run.
  6. Started reading 2 new books. Life of Pi and Surprised by Hope.
  7. Cut my hair. No less than 3 times in the last 5 days. Seriously.
  8. Coloured my hair. Only once though. :-)
  9. Taught Lulu how to make me a perfect cup of tea.
  10. Taken my kids on a picnic.
  11. Played Rounders in the garden.
  12. Gone for family walks in the evenings with dog.
  13. Braai-ed and gardened.
  14. Mentally making lists for the UK trip next week.
  15. Pondered and cried and laughed and reflected
And its only Wednesday people! Just think what I could to by Friday? ;-)

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