22 September 2011

We finally did it!

My man and I have been wanting to run together for ages. But our schedules are impossible, he cant run during the week and on weekends one of us generally has to stay with the kids.
I bought him a Garmin for his birthday!
Walking the uphill
This morning he decided to work from home. I took this opportunity to coax him into a little trail run and how awesome it was. Granted, time was off the essence so we only had 40mins to spend together but it was wonderful to finally make a start on something we both value.
We have asked our char to come in at 8am on Saturday for 2 hours so we can try run every Saturday morning together.
I must confess the route I chose today was wildly ambitious. I was clearly severely misinformed as it was a very steep uphill for the first 2km….while I can run forever on flat/downhills my uphill endurance is revolting.

I am pretty sure my man (who has built-in fitness) found it highly amusing that his so-called fit wife was puffing and panting like a steam engine!  Thankfully he is gracious enough to not comment!
We finished up and nipped into M&B to get ‘refreshments’ and headed for home!
Cappucino for and Lemon stinger for him
Fantastic way to start our days!

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