04 September 2011

Well-Lived Weekend

It has been a full and enjoyable weekend. It went a bit like this:

Saturday morning found me trail running with my cohorts. Thanks to L  (pictured below) for organising and rallying everyone each week - it has really become a highlight for me. Quite something to be up and running by 0815 on a Saturday morning!

Saturday lunchtime found my family hiking up to Elephants Eye in the Silvermine Reserve. Running has shown me so many beautiful places so I am so eager to take my whole family and share the beauty with them. The kids were phenomenal - they all walked (some wanted to RUN the whole way....) with very little moaning and groaning. Lulu skipped, danced and twirled her way up and down the mountain. It was a very rewarding experience.

Saturday afternoon was a very special time for me. My dear sweet Lulu at the ripe age of 7 went to a birthday party. For many years we have had to graciously decline invitations (unless a VERY close friend) as she just did not enjoy the unpredicatability of parties.

This particular afternoon she went to a BOY party (she is practically allergic to boys!) and dressed up like a pirate! I did not know my child - she was a total hooligan and declared it the best party EVER. Cannot tell you how that made my day! She has another party next friday....much excitement!

Sunday morn found us hanging out with friends and then we slept Sunday afternoon away while the kids did whatever kids do when grownups sleep!

How was your weekend?


Kirsty said...

Beautiful photos! I think I need to look into the trail runnng thang... I'm a bit bored of fields and roads ;)
Awesome about Lulu... what has triggered the change?

Shayne said...

How divine that Lulu has decided parties are fun! What do you think has happened in her little life? And the fact that it was a BOY party - way cool!

Stunning weekend I see. Gorgeous pics. Miss the beauty of CT.

blackhuff said...

Your weekend sounds like such fun. You are a good role model to your family regarding fitness - taking them to hike.
We too have declined party invitations in the past but now that my son is 9, there is just no way we can do that anymore. He's now a big boy :)

MelB said...

I think lulu is just older now - maturity has made many things come together for her. She also has some great friends.

MelB said...
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cat said...

Glad to sya I have done that walk and love it that they all went all the way.

Glad Lulu has come around - that is phenomenal!

And a great weekend in total -super!
(I blogged about mine)

Hayley said...

So stunning Mel!

Lynette said...

You do live in such a gorgeous part of our beautiful country...and exploring on your doorstep must be so fun.

Yay to Lulu having fun at the party. Dressing up (even an adult party) always end up being such fun.

allie. said...

YOur energy fills me with envy!
Bravo zulu - also for drawing all the family in - if it can becomce a lifestyle now you will have done them all a favour.
Blown away by Lulu's shift!
Its wonderful to see her come into her own.
Some good momming going on there Mel