20 October 2011

Risky Religion

I dont usually talk religion/spirituality on my blog. Mainly because I prefer to keep a low profile but also because when I do, people tend to hear everything that I am *not* saying. So it gets messy and I get irritated.

But today I am going to share with you – in someone elses – extremely articulate words exactly how I feel. I was so stoked to be given this quote by a friend who knows me exceptionally well, who shares a similar spiritual journey. She knew well how deeply this would resonate.
“I have found, that in order to break out of the stagnant and redundant traditional religious paradigms we have inherited
and to overcome the many blind spots in our belief system, requires the courage to say
“I don’t know how to hold these ‘truths’ intension,”
and the humility to resist the Evangelical lust for certainty, the willingness to embrace the mystery and being willing to accept and live with some paradoxes.”   Andre Oosthuizen
So there you have it. I dont have all the answers. And I am totally okay with it. Most of the time…. :-)