I have been reading through some of my old blog posts and realised I simply do not take enough photographs of our everyday lives anymore.
I can easily identify what it is I LOVE in my old posts – I love getting such a clear picture of how I spent my time year by year. I love seeing how the playroom looked back then and how it has evolved as my kids have grown up. I love seeing certain items of clothing my kids used to wear. There is so much in the everyday that we simply dont see unless we begin to look for it.
I need to get back to basics with blogging. It is not about only telling highlights, funny or sad stories. It is not simply for amusement or a place to vent. It is first and foremost an everyday record of our daily lives.
With this in mind, I kept my wildfire in my back pocket today and simply took random photos. I know these will tell their own story in years to come.

She wanted to *scrapbook* the cover of her new drawing book.

Setting up the animals for the X-Factor auditions!

Wigging it out with the Hannah Montana Bear.
Levi bought lego with his pocket money....and then checking rugby scores online.
Honey and Panda chilling by da pool.
A typical Sunday morning scene...long lazy breakfasts.
Love days when I can just sit and play too...no agendas

Golf...a safer bet post-op than rugby!

Working on his swing...while I try to forget the glass frontage of our house!

All in all a restful, peaceful happy weekend. With Levi recovering we made no plans to do anything – it seems to work for us; we should do it more often. Am ready and waiting to tackle the week ahead.