18 November 2011

Blog Boredom

I am either suffering writers block or my blog is just boring the inspiration right out of my head. Honestly, its like….bleh. Here are a few headlines going on – sometimes bullets help clear the cobwebs.

  1. Levi has 8 days left of school and then is on holiday until the end of January. This scares me. He is not like my girls…he expects me to PLAY with him all.the.time.
  2. In these 8 days I have to get so much done that I am not sure I know where to start.
  3. My char also leave me in 8 days. She will be gone for 2 months too.
  4. I know I sound like a princess but stuff it. Being at home for 2 solid months alone with my kids with no home help in this slab of a house that requires constant cleaning is NOT exciting for me at all. Bah humbug
  5. I am hoping Russ takes a week (or more??!!) off to break the holidays a bit.
  6. BUT I am really relishing the thought of a break from school routine and extramurals – no rushing, no deadlines.
  7. We are finally paving our patios and our pool. Its been 5 years but its happening. Slowly. My yard is a mess though, am trying to stay focussed on the end goal and not flip out.
  8. We were supposed to start painting the house last week but cant until the paving is done…now I am thinking I will rather wait until after the holidays. I do not want painters here during our vac.
  9. Russ is doing his first triathlon in 10years in Wellington on Sunday. He used to do them regularly, back in the day, so he is amped to be getting back into it with this sprint.
  10. Next week is my birthday and frankly I couldnt care less. Usually I am quite stoked when my day rolls around but honestly I could quite happily gloss over it. Bring on 40 – this 39 thing is lame.
  11. I found out my mom cut the crusts of Levis sandwiches when he was staying with her. Funny, I dont remember her doing this for me when I was little. We may need to have a conversation about that. ;-)
  12. I have been watching Sister Wives on TLC – fascinating stuff.
  13. We plan to see the Breaking Dawn this weekend – I am pretty excited about that. I love the Twilight movies.
  14. Faith is giving up tap at the end of the year. Makes me sad but so be it. She is starting modern dancing next year instead.
  15. Both girls joined a Musical Theatre group at the beginning of the term and are really enjoying it.
  16. Levi will be starting oyz Noyz next year – a breakdancing/hip group just for lads – he is stoked.
  17. One of my best friends is moving back to Cape Town in December. This makes me very happy.
  18. I went for a great run with a friend yesterday – this also makes me happy.
  19. I am still reading Deon Meyers Thirteen Hours. Taking me a while to finish it cos I only read at night and am pretty sleepy so I tend to fall into zzzzzzzzzzzzz pattern after a few chapters! BUT it is so good – you guys must read it.
  20. I am considering getting a BB. And I hear Kirsty voice in my head saying *I told ya so* but yes. The cost off running the smartphones I have is ridiculous. And many of my mates/family are on BB so it makes sense. I have an upgrade due so maybe maybe…
Thatisall for now.

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