05 November 2011

Done and Dusted

Levi had his tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy yesterday. We were at the hospital by 7.15am and decided to fast along with him in sympathy. (he ate supper the night before)  The ward was pretty darn full and they went in age – from youngest to eldest which meant he went into surgery at 1040am….
The calm exterior didnt fool me...i know that look and those busy little fingers. My brave boy, keeping it together.

We had a 3.5hour wait in that ward. Not ONCE did he complain – not about hunger, thirst, boredom – NOTHING. He is amazing; I remember he was exactly the same for his gland op in January. We did a fair amount of people watching, listened to some music, played some games but mainly we just hung out. It was such a blessing to have Russell with me – just his calming presence was so reassuring.

Russ went into theatre with him to be with him until he was under. I couldnt face doing that again after the last traumatic experience. I must add that EVERY woman there had her hubby with her for support so I didnt feel like such a woes! (and every husband went to theatre with the kiddos!)

Supporting him as the pre-op meds kick in. Not long to go now.

Russ and I nipped to the Wild Bean cafe for coffee and muffin and by the time we got back Levi was already in recovery. He came through to the ward shortly afterward, peacefully asleep. The doctor and anaesthetist came to chat to me; said they seldom see such large tonsils AND adenoids – they should have been removed years ago but because they had never been infected (ie no tonsillitis) the gp hadnt really mentioned it. Levi’s sleep will be so much less disturbed now as his snoring used to wake HIM up!

All done and on our way home.
By 1pm we were home, he was sore and woozy. Russ headed back to work. AT 3.15pm I had to go to fetch the girls and I think this just tipped the scales. When we returned home Levi was very quiet,  zonked and then threw up. He simply let me wipe him up and dropped into my bed and slept for 5 hours!
My heart was so sore for him; I was so torn as I had to take the girls to their Barn Dance at school. They had been looking forward to it for weeks. Russ got home just in time, I passed the instructions off on him (Levi was still asleep) and headed out the door with the bestest fake enthusiasm I could muster for my girls.
Excited gals, exhausted Mom!
They had  A BLAST at the dance; I am so glad I took them but I certainly missed my boys. A LOT. Levi woke up around 2030 and was happy to watched rugby and golf until we got home.
Rachel had an absolute blast! She went *gangsta* as oppose to cowgirl!
The girls were SO happy to see their brother awake. They had been shocked by how zonked he was in the arvie and the fact that he would not speak at all totally freaked them. Faith was near tears all day! There was much happiness as the two girls crawled onto the bed and read jokes to him to make him smile. We all whooped with delight when we heard him laugh out loud….and then the best part was when he farted and his little voice piped up : ‘ Hey Mom, did you hear my fart?’
Our boy was back!
He had a good nights sleep; I forced him awake around 1am to take the myprodol as I did NOT want him waking in agony. I cannot tell you my joy when he crawled into our bed at 730 and said: ‘Mom, I feel so much better today’.
Wiser words were seldom spoken when someone said :
Having kids is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body

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