15 November 2011

Weekend in Review

The weekend has gone by in a blur. Thankfully. When Russ is away it can draaaag by painfully. The kids have been a bit out of sorts and I have had to raise my voice a bit more than usual….eventually I banished them to the playroom and told them to find something QUIET and INDIVIDUAL to do…I couldnt take the squabbles any longer.
love it when my kids play and get creative. this space in my home is the bomb!
Levi collected  the little bike on Friday that he won in the Airmune lucky draw at our local mall….it looks better than it is …. sadly it is severely substandard chinese junk. One rotation on the pedal and the chain comes off…. Anyway – there was great excitement that we *won* and he will get his picture in our local paper. :-)
Rach is over the moon with her hair. She has very frizzy, unmanageable hair and for years has yearned for straight smooth lockes.  I found a local hairdresser who has been able to use a protein treatment to smooth her hair for a couple of weeks – she is ecstatic with the results!
I spent both Friday and Saturday nights at my mom with the kids.
Dinner at my folks

Was great to be there even though the kids become manic little wind-up dolls in the company of their grandparents! Much fun as it is for them I do tend to find it exhausting but the upside is my mom (and dad) take excellent care of me…I got to sleep late and read my book while they fed and entertained the kids in the mornings! Bliss. Having family close by is something to NEVER take for granted.
Hijinx with Granny Allie

On Saturday afternoon I pottered off to break the back of my christmas shopping. I bought all the teacher gifts aswell as all the gifts for my siblings, their kids and my parents. That is a big deal. Now I just have to face the mania that is stocking fillers and tree pressies for my sproglets. I have, however, done a significant deal of shopping online so most of the stuff should arrive in the next week or two.
Today my brother and girlfriend popped over to share lunch with me and the kids.Faith dropped him a text yesterday morning and they were free much to our surprise!  It was a special time as we dont see each other nearly enough. I am busy with family life and they are equally busy with worklife so dates like these are precious.
I am eagerly awaiting Russ’ arrival this evening – he has been back up in Rundu doing contract work for Engen. Very stressful time I believe – will be good to have him home.

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