08 December 2011

Outing to Rocklands

Outing to Rocklands

Yesterday the school had an outing for the Gr1 and Gr4′s to Rocklands. Luckily I have a kid in each of those grades and Levi was able to join in aswell.
I was eternally grateful and VERY happy to assist with lifts as it gave me space to breathe in the great outdoors, shoot the breeze with friends, teachers and all while the kids had a massive jol climbing the mountain and swimming in the enormous pool.

The thing I love most about this school is watching the relationships blossom. Essentially these kids form sibling like bonds! With only 12 kids in a class, there is little to no change from year to year. You pretty much travel from Grade 1 to Grade 7 with almost all the same people. This forces you to learn to tolerate and accomodate kids with whom you wouldnt normally associate.
I have seen huge emotional growth in Rachel, her acceptance of kids who are different to her. She can now play with anyone and be gracious in their differences. If only that grace would extend to her siblings!!! :-)   She has become incredibly social and her friends are her world….grounding her now is a real winner as it really hurts!

Levi had a fabulous time playing soccer with the boys and climbing the mountain – he plays well with older kids and they are fond of him. I am always touched by how all the kids include him in everything they do.
Faith has also come out of her shell in this past year. Where change scared her and caused her massive anxiety 8 months ago; now she is nervously excited in the face of schedule/activity changes. It is a significant milestone for my fiery fairy.

Tonight is the annual prizegiving – a lengthy affair. Both girls, especially Rach, put in the effort and have done extremely well in her first official exam set. It is great for them to get this recognition in front of both peers and parents so we suck it up once a year and go big!

Will have to pack a snack for Levi…and possibly the iTouch as 3 hours is a tad stretching for the lad!

Let me add that I have been able to do this blog post as Levi has his first co-ed playdate and they are having a blast! Playdates that afford me “ME TIME’ are the bomb. Now off to declutter some stuff before the girls come home from school!

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