13 December 2011

Prizegiving Thoughts

Last week the school had their annual prize-giving. I was NOT looking forward to it as in previous years it has been a long tedious drawn-out affair.  I was very pleasantly surprised this year – the evening was a superb combination of a slick production with a distinct family feel about it.

I was exceptionally proud of both my girls who did extremely well.

Lulu  and Mrs Butler
Overall Academic Excellence; Conquesta Literacy and Numeracy – Gold.

Honey and Mrs Venter

Overall Academic Excellence, 2nd in her grade, Best Actress 2011, Special Art Award, Conquesta Numeracy and Literacy: Bronze; Math Olympiad and Humility Award

Both girls were very happy with their achievements but I had to have *the talk* with them. You know the one hey? It went a little bit like this:

” I am so proud of you girls but I want you to always know that it is not important to me for you to BE THE BEST at everything but it is very important for you to ALWAYS DO YOUR BEST.”

My dilemma is teaching the kids that while it is fine to be recognised for achieving it is never a good idea to work for recognition. I feel I may well be wrestling this lurgy for many years to come – especially between the girls who are so competitive with each other. Oi vey. :-(

For now we celebrate these special little people who give of their best at all times – what more can I ask for?

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Wern said...

Only read this now, but wanted to say that they are such stand-out girls. Not that it is a surprise, coming from such stellar stock and all :-) Amen to the life lesson! It is one I have to remind myself of...