09 February 2012

Change of Heart?

I grew up in a cricket-loving family. It did nothing for me. I had cricket-captain boyfriends. Not even they could persuade me to show up to a game. I have always HATED AND LOATHED it with a passion.

Enter Hooli.

That my boy in the white cap, loving his 'houding'!

My son played his first match today. After 1 practise. I have been so fortunate in that the local mini cricket for the Gr 1 to Gr 3's has said that he can join their squad. This is soooo cool for him - I am really impressed that he has the courage to join in despite the fact that he is so much younger and obviously less experienced. He handles 'comments of (ahem) encouragement' from the older boys with grace and tries his best.

Today he faced a spin bowler of note. At least 3yrs older than himself. He didnt get near the ball. Not once out of the 6 balls he faced. And yet - HE GLOWED. He truly loved being out there - he was nervous, mildly anxious but abundantly excited to be part of the action.

He bowled an over - and 4 of those 6 balls were really good. I was really proud of this little fella.

So....after 30yrs of FIERCE cricket hating I shall be heading to this event at Newlands with my family!

Who knew eh?


Stefanie said...

My boys got me into cricket too, 'course then Hansie and his under handedness and the whole match fixing thing took the shine off it just a tad for me. As the boys get older so the games get longer and longer, but the mini cricket was great to watch.

Kirsty said...

Hello my BBF ( thats bestie blog friend)
So glad I'm in the fold ;)
I lurve cricket.... always have... and lurve it even more now that my son is in the U/9 1st team.... and opening batsman at that :)
This is the year we hook up, kay? x Can feel it in me bones... me nearly 40 yr old bones ;)

cat said...

Ah, you see! Our kids can get us anywhere.

allie. said...

His love for sport will give him the courage to trackle almost anything, I guess.
He's a little trooper and will probably end up doing fantastically at the sport of his choice.
I'm so glad he belongs to our tribe.
Love him to bits!

blackhuff said...

I'm glad your son have enjoyed it so much to be there. I'm like you: Don't enjoy watching cricket at all. Don't enjoy the sport either.